Saturday, July 23, 2016

Author Amy Gettinger and her book, "Alice in Monologue Land"

Author friend Amy Gettinger has a self-published book out that is getting rave reviews. She is offering it today for free on Amazon (regular price is $3.99 if you miss the sale and, really, that's not a lot of moolah when compared to other hardbound books). So if you are looking for women's fiction about English instructors, college campus production monologues, and a little bit of murder, this is a frolicking tale to get for your Kindle collection.

"But, Michelle. I'm not really into stories about people tasting poisoned brownies,"  you say....

What? You are one of my readers and don't like suspense? Okay, I'll forgive you for that. How do you feel about roller derbies, romance and just a little bit of mystery? Check out Amy's other story, "Rolling with the Punches." This story takes real life drama and puts a derby spin to it.

 Take a look and a read for yourself. The lively characters will definitely draw you into the story.

As for me, I'll be back to posting... sometime... when I get a chance to break away from work...


  1. You are the awesomest of the awesome friends!!! Thanks for the shout out!!!!!

  2. No problem! Let's spread the word far and wide!

  3. When I played Ice Hockey, I made other people roll with the punches. It was fun.


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