Sunday, March 29, 2009

I feel like a circus performer!

It’s come down to this. I’m juggling through sending out queries, receiving rejections, and responding to partial and full manuscript requests. So this is the reason I’ve been a little absent from leaving comments at everyone’s blogs. I assure everyone that I’ve read your posts - honest with my hand over my heart. But things are hectic. I’m not stressing or anything. On the contrary, I’ve been really calm through all of this despite the pressure I’m going through in my personal life.

Just thought I would give a heads-up about it. Have a good day!


  1. Glad to hear you are keeping a cool head though the rough patch. It always easier to weather the storm when you aren't adding to the situation with unwarranted panic.

    Don't worry about not commenting. Our lives come first. Blogs, fifth or sixth, maybe.

    "Illegitimi Non carborundum"

  2. Hey, I understand, believe me!

    Soon, I have to get started working hard on the second novel that's due at summer's end - blogging and visiting will be scant scant!

    WOrk hard -- we're still around *smiling*

  3. Hang tough kiddo. You will get through this time with great results. See ya later.

  4. Well, I just wanted to give everyone a notice about it. I don't like it when people just disappear from their blogs. Causes undue worry.

  5. Keep juggling, lady! Love, the bearded woman

  6. Hey, you're my darker gray friend whether you leave a comment or not!

    Question: Your illustration on this? I like it.

  7. All pictures like this are my illustrations, or rather my lame attempt at stick figures using MS Paint.

  8. Sorry to hear that you feel stressed, we all need a "time out" at times.
    I hope you will get some time to relax and catch your breath.
    Good luck.;))

  9. Thanks guys! I'm hanging in there, with fingernails and toes.

  10. Did you know that juggling is a really good way to relax and concentrate? And it's fun to do.

  11. juggle all ye need to, michelle, so long as ye keep outta the clown getup ;) lol


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