Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A mother/child conversation

"Mama, if I should cry, will you wipe my tears?"

"Yes, my child. I will lend you my shoulder to weep on."

"Mama, if I should fall, will you bandage my cuts?"

"Yes, my child. I will wrap up your wounds and give tender kisses."

"Mama, if I should make a mistake, will you understand?"

"Yes, my child. I shall listen with understanding and give you my best advice."

"Mama, can I borrow the car keys to go to an overage drinking party?"

"Over my dead body, dear child."


  1. You say that now. Just wait until you really do have a driving teen. While I'm cautious about my son being out there, I'm also proud that he's ready. Still funny though :)

  2. Ha! I think my mother's secretly happy I can't drive, just so she doesn't have to worry about me driving to the moon and back. Love the post. :D

  3. lol, you;re gonna do just fine at this motherhood thing ;)


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