Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog Tour featuring Author Mark Terry

I've been hosting quite a few book tours lately, and it's been fun and an extreme pleasure to do so. This time, I have the honor of hosting Mark Terry, author of; THE VALLEY OF SHADOWS.

My blog is all yours. Take it away, Mark.

Mark Terry is the award-winning author of 13 books including the thriller series featuring Homeland Security troubleshooter Dr. Derek Stillwater. The fourth book in the series, THE VALLEY OF SHADOWS, comes out June 7, 2011 in hardcover and as an e-book from Oceanview Publishing. Of Mark Terry’s writing, The Lansing State Journal said, “Terry writes like Lee Child on steroids.”

When not writing – he makes his living as a freelance writer, editor, author and ghostwriter – Mark lifts weights, bikes, runs, and teaches Sanchin-Ryu karate, in which he holds a black belt. He also plays guitar from time to time. Visit his website at www.markterrybooks.com. Mark’s guest blog today is a little silly, a little insightful, and maybe a little fun.

A Dirty Dozen Questions
By Mark Terry  

You ever see the show Inside The Actor’s Studio hosted by James Lipton? He always ends his interviews with the same questions, things like: “What turns you on?” and “What sound do you like?” and “When you die and St. Peter meets you at the Pearly Gates, what do you think he’ll say?”

I’m game. I’m going to make up my own questions and answer them here.

What puts a smile on your face?

A good joke, a smartass comment from a friend or family member, a long bike ride on a sunny day, a frozen strawberry Margarita, chips and salsa, a well-executed karate kata, and a check with more than three figures to the left of the decimal point.

What’s your favorite musical instrument to play?

When I was younger it was saxophone, a little older it was piano, these days it’s guitar.

What sparks your creativity?

The crass answer is: bills to pay. The rational answer is: everything on earth. I’m rational and logical – it’s my science background – but if I don’t do something creative on a regular basis, write fiction, play guitar, etc., I start getting wacky and drive the people around me nuts.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do that you haven’t done yet?

Yes, tons, most involving travel. I’ve never been to Europe. I’ve never been to Hawaii. I’ve never been to Alaska, Africa, Asia, tropical islands, or a lot of places. 

What do you fear the most?


Are you afraid of failure?

No. I’m not. We all fail. All the time. The most successful people in the world fail over and over again. But they learn from their failures and move on. You only really fail if you let it paralyze you. Fail your way to success is practically my mantra.

What’s your favorite food?


So you want your last meal to be pizza?

Wouldn’t hurt, but who I eat it with would be more important. Should be my wife Leanne and my kids, Ian and Sean, probably some of my friends. Our friends and my wife and I usually go out for Mexican. And strawberry Margaritas put a smile on my face.

What’s the most frustrating thing in your life?

The traditional publishing industry. Not writing, not nonfiction publishing, which I’m quite successful at, but the traditional publishing market for fiction. Crazy, crazy, unpredictable, illogical, irrational, annoying, impractical business.

Have you considered “indie publishing?”

Yes. I’ve done it. I did it before I was traditionally published, and now I’m doing both. I’m flexible and adaptable. The publishing industry is changing. I’m changing with it.

Why are manhole covers round?

Because manholes are round.

Okay, so, if you die and are met at the Pearly Gates by St. Peter, what do you think he’ll say?

“C’mon in. There’s a really great Mexican place down the street with the best strawberry Margaritas in the universe.”
Thanks, Mark, for your guest post. Make sure to visit Author Mark Terry's site, www.markterrybooks.com for the latest news about his novels, and purchase, "The Valley of Shadows," when it hits stores on June 7.


  1. Thanks, now I guess I'll have to look for some of his titles to add to my list.

  2. The manholes question and answer sounds like me, so I like him already.


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