Thursday, May 5, 2011

Overlord Jaq at 3 months old

She's 10lbs and 10 ounces

She's at her pick-me-up-I-want-to-be-held-all-the-time phase.

And Tuesday was her 3-month birthday. Yes, I plan on celebrating every moment with her. I'll even invent holidays if I must. With a face like hers and the sweetest disposition, wouldn't you?


  1. Happy (upcoming) Mothers Day, MDGF!

    (If I was any sort of real friend, I would have thought to send you a card...)

  2. What Suldog said!

    And what a cutie yer Overlord is (cute plushy dodecahedron, too. . .)

  3. Now, that's one beautiful baby! I want to pick her up and hug her!

  4. Happy Mothers Day. You have one sweet overlord.

  5. Thanks everyone! Wow... Mother's day. I still have to sit her blinking at the fact that I am a mother.

    And yes, Craig, I had to look up dodecahedron. She does have a nice ball ;)

  6. she is adorable! and a belated happy first mother's day to you. :)

  7. I know they say you should NOT pick them up and hold them all the time, but do it as often as you can. Soon, she won't want to be picked up at all.

    Happy (belated) mother's day. :)


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