Monday, November 14, 2011

Blogoversary Come and Gone

I wouldn't have even remembered if Teena from Toronto hadn't stopped by last Friday and reminded me in a comment on the last post.

Oh, how the time flies! Has it actually been 4 years? Four years that this blog was conceived, all shiny and new and just going through its first growing pains?

Things have changed so much. I write less here now than before, when blogging was the new, exciting social media thing that people merely enjoyed reading without wading through all the advertisements. I think back during that time, surprised for all the things that happened in my life.

Here is a brief breakdown of all the changes:

I gained a writing job that I enjoy waking up to every day.

My old apartment building has a gigantic hole in the side covered over with plastic where they tore down the brick chimney. It's soon to become an extension of the Thai Restaurant.

The Overlord arrived in all her galactic glory. She has been here for nine months now, planning her world domination and placing ads in the help wanted page for evil minions.

(I'm going to have to keep an eye on that one.)

So, there has come and gone 4 years of my life from the time of this blog's birth to the time of the birth of the Overlord. I'm surprised it has lasted this long.


  1. You're suprised your blog has lasted this long? I lose my motivation three or four times a week; and just when I think my bloggity muse has closed up shop and disappeared somewhere in Tahiti, something comes up, and I keep it alive for another couple weeks. And, what's even more mystifying, people keep coming by to comment. . .

    Anyway, I for one am glad you're here in blog-space, and glad I made your acquaintance. . .

  2. Time always flies when you're having fun! LOL

  3. Definitely overlord material with extra-cute superpowers.

  4. Oh, I can tell she has you wrapped around her little finger, Mama.
    Cute as a button, she is!!

  5. OMG - look at that face *laughing*

    made my morning!

  6. Four years! That's a long time to stay at it in the blog world. So many people pick it up for a few months and then drop it. Others peter out after a year or two, finding they have nothing more to say that anyone wishes to read. You've lasted this long because you have interesting things to write about and interesting ways that you DO write about them. You deserve to be here, of course, and I'm proud to call you my friend.

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone! Still alive and kicking for another year.

  8. Well, happy anniversary. And your Overlord looks charming.


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