Monday, March 4, 2013

Where Have I've Been Lurking

It's been awhile (okay, since December) since I last made a post here. Busy... busy... busy.  Mostly I've been working and taking care of The Overlord. Another reason why I haven't been making posts here is because I've been more active on other social media sites and Blogger hasn't been playing nice. Every time I try to make a post, I get the pink error bar at the top that says "an error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. Ignore warning."

So I try to ignore the warning and make a post by clicking the Publish button a gazillion times. When it finally posts, I see, like, two billion drafts of the same posts in my dashboard. It's annoying (and partly my Internet service's fault). So I haven't been inclined to post more often.

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know where I've been lurking lately. If you happen to be on these social media sites, look me up.

Twitter : I'm on twitter, but I'm not a twit-head. I probably haven't made a tweet there since forever, or at least longer from when I made a post here.

Facebook: You will definitely find me active on FB. I'm there every day, posting photos and the like. So if you want to see more images of The Overlord or find out my daily happenings, you can find me there. It's also another reason why I haven't done much here on blogger. My FB page is private. So I know the people who are seeing my stuff. Blogger is more open to the weirdos and sickos (not my regular readers- of course) out trolling the web who are dangerous. I don't want them to see The Overlord too much.

Pinterest: I just signed up here. I don't really understand the appeal yet. You post photos - you comment on photos. That's about it. So I don't know how long it will hold my interest.

So there are the places I've been lately. I'm also on Google+, but I haven't really figured that place out to be active there. It also isn't very private, so I'm not willing to post a bunch of photos of me and The Overlord there either.


  1. I miss your posts
    I don't do F/B, Twitter, or any other social media (does Google+ count?)

    1. I would definitely post more of Blogger played nice. Maybe I'll get back into the swing of things later in the month.

  2. Well, I see your foray back into blogging has already netted you a hit from one of the anonymous pains in the dupa one has to contend with via Blogger.

    Thanks to a good blogger friend, I signed on with Twitter back shortly after it first came on the scene and I think I played with it maybe 10 times or so and haven't used it since. Just didn't appeal to me -or maybe because for me to express something in 140 characters or less is way to taxing on my pea brain.

    But Facebook -I'm so glad you are on FB and I'm on your "good" list because I am a rather not very good blogger and have been in that capacity for quite some time now. Don't seem to have the impetus needed to write posts, don't have the energy to keep up with my reader lately either. Just a lazy slug -or maybe depressed -or tired of winter -or whatever but something just ain't right there, ya know. Maybe too much time spent walking the mutt after midnight and star-gazing then with deep philosophical thoughts? Whatever! Just wish I could get my momentum to return.

  3. Yeah, those spammers are getting way more clever. They just send a bunch at one time, hoping one comment gets through Bloggers system. Since my phone is connected to my gmail account, I was hit with about 3 spam emails, but that was the only one that went through.

    Funny thing about twitter was that a blogger friend enticed me over there but got bored with it and went to other social media sites. I can't really handle the 140 character count either. Or just sitting there reading posts to repost on my on feed.

    Facebook gives a bit more without limiting word count. And if you run out of creative juices you can just throw up a cute/funny picture of a cat or something. Generally, work and tons of doctor/pediatrician appointments have kept me from posting more everywhere. Hopefully things will settle down soon.

  4. i'm private on FB too. i'd be happy to connect there if you're interested.


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