Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Wing and a Prayer.

The boat rocked as the waves battered into the creaking sides. Angela grabbed the railing, trying to reach her little Bobby whose foot had become stuck in the life preserver hanging along the port side...

Um, no.

Michael gazed up into the starry sky, seeing a glimmer of flashing light streak by. A shooting star, he wondered; the first he has ever seen in his life. Such a peaceful feeling swept through his aching body while he climbed up onto the balcony ledge. From somewhere on the street below, sirens wailed and tires screeched from the fire engines pulling up to the building. Behind Michael, the screams from his family seemed such little annoyances now as he began to take his first step into oblivion... Not today.

I suppose you’re wondering where the usual story is. Well, there isn’t going to be one today. Since the holiday weekend is coming up, I thought to spare you from the usual freak-fest reserved for Thursdays. You will have the other two stalker stories next week.

I’m winging this post, because I have something important to discuss with you.

Normally, I don’t talk much about myself - unless I’m tagged with specific questions. So, this may came as a surprise to you. Brace yourself. I, ahem, a...writer.

I know. I know. I shouldn't have shocked you with such a revelation. Forgive me. But with that being said, I guess you want to know what stories I write.

Well, I write...ahem...stories.

Okay, yes, I do have a point. My point is that for the past 11 months I have been writing a manuscript for a book idea. By the time you read this post, I will have finished it. Completely. Writing and revisions. My next goal will be to find a literary agent to represent me.


So, the reason I am telling you this is because of the enormous positive feedback I have gotten from people visiting my blog. I don't receive much of this outside the blogosphere. To put into proper words my family's reaction when they found out I was pursuing a writing career: We don't give a rat's ass about your stupid writing!"

This is why I wanted to take a moment in my post to thank everyone who stop by to read this blog and comment. Your little words of praise have bolstered my sagging ego and cinched my belt to continue plowing forward with my projects.

Thank you, everyone!

I'm off now to seek my agent and get my book into a publisher's hands. You never day you might even see my story sitting in a bookstore display window or getting trashed in the comment's section on Amazon.

Wish me luck, or utter a brief prayer if you prefer. I'm going to need it.

Have a great holiday weekend! I'll be back on Tuesday with another post.
Michelle Hickman


  1. Michelle:

    I'll say the prayer. I fervently believe in that form of help.

    There. Said.

    So sad that nobody in your family cares :-( I'm always amazed when I hear stuff like that. I grew up in a very supportive and loving environment. Always - well, almost always - encouragement to be had.

    God bless. Have a great 4th!

  2. Thank you. At this point in my life, I'll take whatever I can get so long as it is heartfelt.

    Forgive my rant today. Sometimes, I just got to let the frustration out before I EXPLODE!

    Have a great 4th!

  3. Great heavens, we've created a monster! lol

    Michelle, I've always been a big fan of your writing. Yes, I knew you were a writer! Tsk...I wasn't born yesterday, or last week, or twenty years ago, or forty, uh...let's leave it at that. I've enjoyed everything you've posted. I make your blog a daily stop because I love that I'm going to be entertained. (and it doesn't hurt that you come across as a very nice person) Be it funny, scary or sad, charming, and/or all of the above. Above all... I consider you a friend that I want to drop in to see daily. :)

    Congratulations on your finish, I have all the faith in the world in you!

    Know my thoughts are with you this holiday weekend! Happy 4th!

  4. Monster? You mean chopping on that human leg is bad...oops!

    Yay! I have a fan! Deep breath. Take things slow.

    Thank you, Sandra! I consider you my friend too. :)

    Happy 4th!

  5. Congratulations! You've just separated yourself from the Great Unwashed who say they'll write a book but never do.

    As for not getting any support outside of Blogtopia, you're not alone. That's why we visit each other and drink.

  6. The Great Unwashed? I was wondering where that funky smell was coming from. Why didn't anyone tell me, or at least hand over a roll of deodorant?

    Free drinks, free readings, and friendship! I love you, Blogtopia!


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