Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shh! Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting werd imps.

I feel like Elmer Fudd tracking the little footprints toward the rabbit hole. They have to be nearby. I know it. This can’t be a fluke. It can’t be . . . my fault.

I’m still revising my manuscript. But every time I think I have the story written to how I want it and walk away, the werd imps come. They change the sentences and add more errors I thought I had fixed.

I’m setting out bait. I’m going to catch them. Then I can finally get it finished.


  1. Oooooo, those wasckally werd imps!

  2. I know they are nearby, Angie. I can hear them breathing!

    Oh, that's just me. Well... never mind.

  3. Hi Michelle. I found my way over here from Buck's site...and I've been enjoying reading your blog. I love writing too ... but not professionally ... just for my own enjoyment, and letters to friends, etc.

    I am still one of the weird people left in the world who enjoys writing with a pen and pencil ... I keep several journals going and write cards and letters to friends. And lists and planning! Seems like I write everything down.

    Are you like that at all? Do you do all your writing on the computer ... or do you still love to write things out in handwriting?

    Great blog .. love your sense of humor and I will be back. I tried not to spill anything while I was here. :)

  4. *I have such tidy visitors!*

    Hello, Towanda! I'm glad you stopped by. I remember your sunflower from Buck's blog. *Great guy*

    In truth, I wrote a whole manuscript out on 9 small yellow notepads (over 350 pages when in the computer.) Back then, I wasn't very fast when typing and I made a lot of errors. Now, I can pretty much go full-keel on the keyboard, but I do all my editing with a good ol' piece of paper and a pen.

  5. Do those little werd imps ever come up with a new direction for your story?

    Small Footprints

  6. Please let me know if you catch one . Sometimes they bother me too, but I have not managed to get one as of yet.;))
    This post made me laugh out loud!:))

  7. Small Footprints: Yes they do! All the time! But the problem is that they will put the suggestion in, then force me go back through all the pages to make sure the part will actually work with the rest of the story.

    Humph! Lazy good-for-nothings! They must be hiding somewhere, laughing at me.

    Protege: I'm hoping the peanuts will lure them out. I did not think to offer any drinks with it. I could only imagine the damage they would do while drunk. *shudder*

  8. Wow I think I must have someof them here too.

    Is there any way of getting rid of them?

    Good luck with your writing.


  9. Holey moley, I hope I got here in time! Here's what you do:

    Don't even glance at your ms for a few days. Werd imps FEED & REPRODUCE upon constant attention! Leave the little farts alone for a few days and they wither, then stop propagating.

    (If you MUST have something literary to do during this interval, work on your query. Your manuscript takes a back seat in importance to the query as soon as you type "The End.")

    When you're fairly certain new werd imps have starved to death, do a final run-through and bury their carcasses.

    Then send that polished jewel of a query on its way and prepare for the fame* of a writer!

    You're welcome Michelle.

    *Fame = agonizing waits periodically punctuated by rejection.


  10. Annie: Thanks for stopping by. Wow... I thought I only had to deal with them. But they seem rampant everywhere.

    I wonder if Raid will work?

    Frank: OMG! That's it! That's the problem! I never typed "The End" at the end of the manuscript. I've allowed them to come reproduce.

    Work on query, let them starve to death, then send out ms before they rise from the dead as zombie werd imps. Brilliant!

    I proclaim you, Dr. Frank: Manuscript Medicine Man!

  11. lol! Good luck with the werd imps!

  12. Chris: Thanks! Maybe you would like to adopt a few?

  13. "werd imps"... So THAT'S what they're called! I'm afraid I'm not nearly so kind in my descriptions of 'em... Are ya sure peanuts work?

  14. g'luck widdat, michelle ;) lol

    absotively NOTHING i've baited traps with have worked for ME... so methinks reversion to werdwerewolf form may be the answer... but then, i may just stay lazy and see if YOUR way works :O

  15. Debbie: Thank you! Have a great week!

    Buck: Well, I think the peanuts might work. Since the werd imps have to sort of BE nuts to read my writing... not that I'm saying my readers are nuts or anything. *koff-koff*

    Laughingwolf: I want to see this werdwerewolf form! Come on! Break free!


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