Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I must be a Tag magnet

Yup! I got tagged by Jen over at Fancypants-Design. Why do all of you people like to tag me? Don’t you know that the more I reveal about myself the more madness I spread to infect the world? My answers always linger unwanted in the gray matter until the unsuspecting people give up and send me their bank account information for the cure. And I end up sending them a note saying, "Nyah-nyah-nyah! Sucker!"

Um . . . okay. I admit that no one has sent me their bank account information. But I can keep the hope alive, right?

Onward with this tag, everyone. Here are the rules, my answers, and the people I choose to infect - er, I mean tag.

1. Link to the person who tagged me
2. List the rules and the 6 things about me.
3. Tag six fellow bloggers
4. Leave them a comment so they know they've been tagged.

My answers:

6: (Yes, I’m going backwards with this. It’s a countdown to your doom! MWHAHAHA!)

I have never been in love.

I mean love as in drop to my knees type love, swoon with hand clutched to my chest love, someone needs to call the paramedics because I think I’m having a stroke love. I guess I’m still waiting for the right guy to come along.

5: I am allergic to metal.

A skin allergy. When I was young, my parents used to buy me those cheap dime-store watches with the stretchy metal wrist strap. I wore the watch for an hour then ripped it off and scratched the bumpy, red skin. It doesn’t matter what type of metal it is: gold, sterling silver, whatever. If it rubs my skin I break out in blisters, which sucks because I wear glasses and the bottom frame would always touch my cheek or my nose. I now wear those half-frames with the only metal on the top rim.

4: I never graduated from college.

I did go to a technical school for three years while taking my highschool classes. I enrolled in Computer Information and Business Science classes and earned points for an Associate Degree. I learned how to debug programs and create spreadsheets. Fortran, COBOL, ASCII COBOL, DBase, Supercalc, Lotus, MS-Dos, I know all the old programming knowledge before the advent of Bill Gates and Microsoft 95. My parents raved about this because my brother went to the same tech school to take culinary classes and they decided I would do the same for computers, despite all my English teachers sending home notes saying I should take creative writing. So I went off to college and had to deal with all that stalker mess. I dropped out because of the stress.
3: My memories are in slideshow format.

Really, it’s weird. When I want to recall something, it’s like my mind flips through each frame until I come to a part that I want to talk about. Then I push the pause button. I’ll study the still photo, and then the rest of the events involving this memory will start to play out. Or sometimes I won’t remember anything except for this one moment in time, like a forgotten photo wedged behind the couch cushions and I pull it out and stare at it wondering who the people are and where the picture was taken.

2: I am afraid of elevators . . .

. . . deathly afraid of elevators. I am not claustrophobic. I have no problem being in small spaces. But . . . elevators scare me. Being suspended hundreds of feet off the ground with only a few cables keeping me up in the air just . . . ugh! I have had a lot of nightmares about the elevator dropping with me stuck inside. Then I was actually in an old elevator that would stop at the level, then drop an inch when the doors shuffled open. It would also travel down faster and make grinding noises. UGH! I would rather take the steps, no matter how many floors there are.

1: ?

I’m not sure of what else to write about when it comes to me. There is still so much to say, so many more stories to tell. There is never an end to them, and I would rather not end this tag. I want to continue to write and bring laughter or shock or maybe even a tear to my readers. I have stories involving earlobe bites by strangers in the night, drunken parties, target practice, operations, near drowning, poisonings, drug busts, tractor mishaps, EPA indictments on gas companies, skeletons in the hedgerow, blizzards, toilet explosions, the foul odor from something dead in the ceiling, and so many other true stories. And then there is the fiction I occasionally toss in to add a little excitement to this blog.

So I will leave the last answer blank hoping you will come back to read just one more tale from me.

If anyone who hasn’t been tagged wants to play along with this, then please do so. I’m starting to lose track of who has done this before and I don’t want to keep tagging the same people just to annoy them.


  1. I want to hear about toilet explosions. There just aren't enough stories about toilet explosions.

  2. So.. being a relatively new reader of your blog, I clicked the first stalker link, then the second.. then I hit "newer post" until I found the other two stalker links, then the post about your Manx, and another and another and now I'm beginning to feel like a stalker myself.

    Michele, I love your writing. I see best-selling success in your future.

  3. Stephen: The world would be lost without those type of stories.

    Hilary: Thanks, Hilary! But I would welcome only a five-minute success. Best-seller would be placing the bar too high for me.

  4. michelle, i'll come back to read, even if it's only your bank account number[s]! :O lol

  5. This is why I tagged you ha!! I knew you would come up with some interesting facts!! Hmm you have a slide show memory..interesting..I think I also remember things in pictures.. I like the way you put it!!! Oh and I too get afraid in elevators sometimes.. living in NYC this is somewhat a challenge.. it comes and goes..but I agree it has nothing to do with small spaces..it's the fear of being dropped 1000 feet!!

  6. I want to hear more about earlobe bites by strangers in the night.

  7. laughingwolf: Thanks! Um...maybe?

    F-p design: Everybody says the same thing when they tag me. Why are my answers so interesting to people?

    As for the fear thing, it doesn't help watching movies about dropping elevators either.

    Brenda: Another request for a certain story? Oh my! I have a lot of writing to do.

  8. OK... here's my bank information: It's in Texas, in a suburb of Big-D to be exact. The balance on any given day is such that you wouldn't really wanna bother, "pay" days (heh) included.

    There ya go. And you thought no one would give you that, dint ya? ;-)

  9. you're allergic to metal???? what a bummer!

    great tag and enjoyed your answers.

  10. laughingwolf: Behave yourself. Don't make me get the rolled-up newspaper out on you. :O

    Buck: Hmm...yes, yes, go on. Hey! That's it? Where's the rest of the info? You are such a tease! ;)

    Chris: Thanks! I try to be creative with these things. Who wants to read a boring tag unless you are doing laundry and need the washing instructions? :)


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