Sunday, November 9, 2008

A day of sorrow.

Two weeks ago I made a post concerning one of the blogs I visit - Sandra Cormier over at Chumplet Writes. Her nephew had gone missing and the police and the entire neighborhood of Barrie, Ontario were searching for his whereabouts. On Thursday, I received word through email and other sources that the authorities discovered the body of the missing teen.

I don’t know what to make of this. I left my condolences on Sandra’s blog, yet it still feels as if it is not enough. I would like to say that I can understand what the family is going through. But I cannot say this. I have never had something like this happen to me. I would also like to say that I could imagine the devastation I would feel if this had happened to one of my own children. Yet I cannot claim this either. I have no children of my own - cannot have children do to medical reasons. My situation could never come close to what Sandra has experienced.

Nevertheless, I still feel this sorrow. I want to have the power to properly explain the heartfelt wishes I have for their grieving family. I know I am just a visitor to her blog. We have never met in person. We have never exchanged notes, or opinions, or recipes to our favorite evening dinner. I am just someone who came across her blog and enjoys the writing community that can bring so many people together in peace and goodwill.

All I can do is say that I am sorry this happened, and wish that this situation had never happened to her family.


  1. I get how you're feeling. It's impossible to imagine the magnitude of their sorrow. It's frightening to even think about.

    From what I understand, it's presumed that the child died as a result of falling out of a tree. I hate the way the media keeps referring to the fight he had with his parents and how he left home because they took his Xbox away. Their sound decision to enforce consequences was nothing different than any of us would have done for our own. It's just a sad, sad story.

  2. Hilary: I eager completely with you!

    The media always needs to make more out of a situation. I absolutely hate it! It could have been anything, a skateboard or a blasted toothbrush. These were parents disciplining their child. The media doesn't not need to bring commercialism or video addiction into the matter. It is a sad story with unfortunate circumstances.

  3. One never knows what to say to someone who is grieving ... how to convey the sadness that we feel for them ... how to make them feel better. Your post was a lovely, thoughtful gesture of caring and concern. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is just tell a friend that we are there for them.

    Small Footprints

  4. It is a lot harder to express sympathy, condolences and sorrow over the Internet, but I'm sure the family will find some consolation in the thoughts and prayers.

    PS I cannot stand the way jounalism today is all focused on the negative in attempts to grab headlines or whatever. Yuck! Should be a law against it. No regard for people's hurt and traumas.

  5. All I can do is say that I am sorry this happened, and wish that this situation had never happened to her family.

    That's all any of us can do in the face of such tragedy. But support in a time of grief is welcomed by one and all, and is ALWAYS appreciated.

  6. you have said it all, and very well... i'm sure sandra and her family appreciate your words of condolence

  7. Small footprints: I guess sometimes that is for the best.

    Angie: I guess the Internet has done wonders to open the lines of communication. It's just that sometimes I wonder if it can fully express the sentiment we have for others.

    As for journalism, it IS about the money and the attention-grabbing. I just wish someone would step back and say enough is enough. Let's think about the family's feelings.

    Buck: You're right. Just saying what's in my heart can work wonders for a person's feelings.

    Laughingwolf: I hope so. Sometimes I struggle to get emotions to sound the way they should in typing them out.

  8. I lost my older brother in 1976 and a younger brother in 1978, so I speak from experience when I say your empathy and loving words meant the world to this grieving family.

  9. Michelle:

    All you can ever say, that may help, is what you feel deep down in your heart. Almost everybody appreciates true sentiment, even from a relative stranger.

    God bless, you and they.

  10. So sorry to hear that! also sorry to hear the media is mixed up in it!

    agree with suldog.

  11. Brenda, Suldog, and Chris: Let all the blessings go to the grieving family. They most deserve it.


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