Friday, December 12, 2008

Let's Talk...

Weird how my little diary entry yesterday sparked so much interest in what happened next in the story.

I had laid there in bed Thursday morning (early Thursday morning because I had to get the trash out on the curb by 7am) while debating what to post on my blog when this thought came to me.

Why not make a post like a journal page of everything that happened yesterday, except write it in third-person using my middle name - Lee? Even better . . . when I get to the end, I can make it as if I am about to type the events into the blog and have the beginning part as the end part that will start the beginning line of the next one but change the name to "Michelle" so everything starts all over again in a perpetual loop spiraling out of control just like this sentence.

Um . . . yeah.

So this was the reason I was unprepared with an answer when my readers asked me what happened next in the story. Basically the same thing happened, with the story beginning again at the beginning but with all the Miss Lee names changing to Michelle until it would get to the end again and a new name is inserted - maybe one of my old nicknames like Mishmash.

Confused? Well, I know I am. Let's move on to another topic.

I am happy to report that I was able to get my name as a blogspot. So is MINE! Mwahahahaha! It takes you to my second blog that shows all those little writing samples I post here but end up changing a bazillion times before I am done. I suppose this is why they call them "works-in-progress."

And now, I have a photo show for you. Good old hick Pennsylvania got hit by a snowstorm last night, one of those nasty storms that start out as freezing rain before changing over to snow. Enjoy!


  1. It looks like you may have had some of one of the prettiest effects in nature, tress covered with a thin bit of glistening ice that shimmers in the sun. Did you, or did the dusting do that possibility in?

    (By the way, a penguin that just fell down a long flight of stairs, but I decided to let someone else answer it :-) )

    (Some other commenter will read that and have no flippin' idea what I'm talking about. Oh, well.)

  2. Suldog: The dusting did it in. It's been coming down nonstop since I got up this morning. Light snow, but continous.

    (Actually, it's a newspaper, or a blushing zebra, or the half-dozen other ideas a person can come up with, which is why I posted it.)

    As for the first one, I wasn't thinking about the... ahem... frog kiss not working. I was actually going for the princess' being a chef and the frog asking her why she was holding a knife behind her back. Frog legs, anyone?

  3. Oh, before I forget. You asked about the cd in the other post. I placed the order and it accidently got shipped to Canada. I'm still waiting...

  4. Love the writing exercise/journal as your new blog. And these pics are beautiful. I sure enjoyed our freakish snow day yesterday!

  5. Oh, geez, I guess I was entirely on the wrong end of that frog thing. If you could see me now, I'm blushing. But, I actually heard that punch line somewhere before, figured that most of my readers were too genteel - like yoursaelf, obviously - to give it, and thus I stepped in to move things long. I suppose if I had just kept my fingers to myself (and that sure sounds dirty in this context) someone else might have come up with a perfectly fine CLEAN answer such as you were shooting for. Oh, well.

  6. Angie: Freakish? Oh, that's right. Such things like snowstorms are rare in your area. It was just another ho-hum day for me. Although, I must say, that sago palm covered in snow was a great pic.

    Glad you liked the other place. It's not like a daily post thing - only when I get the time to do something over there. I wanted to snatch up my name for a url before another Michelle does. I don't want to deal with cyber-squatters.

    Suldog: Your answer was fine. I just couldn't think of anything on the spot, and that one stuck in my head. For all I know, YOURS is probably the right answer for the punchline. I was just hoping people might get creative about it. I'm still stuck on the unique rabbit one - unless it is a diamond carat?

    *For all those other readers who are scratching their heads wondering what we're talking about, Suldog has a joke thread going on over at his blog. A person answers the previous joke, then comes up with one of their own. Go join in if you are interested.*

  7. I really love all the snow pictures, it is wonderful with snow in December. We still have not had any major snowstorm, they usually come first in January-February.
    Now I am off to check out your new page.;)

  8. Protege: It's more of a surprise that we even got snow. For the past 5 years, we have been getting very dry winters.

    All this snow reminds me when I was a child and there would be at least a foot of snow outside. We would build igloos (life-size), next to the house.

  9. I saw your WX on the weather channel... and wondered if your power stayed on. The effects of ice storms may be pretty (all those glistening trees, etc.) but they're also deadly. Being without power in the dead of winter isn't simply inconvenient, it can kill.

    Stay warm, Michelle!

  10. Buck: The worse of the weather happened near the Poconos area in northeastern Pennsylvania. I live in southwestern PA. So the power didn't even flicker, although it is getting colder out. No worries. Even if there is an outage, I have plenty of firewood for the woodstove and plenty of lighter fluid for the barbeque pit.

    Thanks for all your "warm" thoughts! :)

  11. cd did NOT come to my den... no clue where it went :(

    but amazon did notify me of good news: my copy of the emmett otter jug band christmas has shipped :D

    and dave, the car body guy, said he found the parts for my car... once they are delivered to him, he can start to fix it :D

  12. Laughingwolf: The cd went from California to Canada to California again. No idea when they plan to ship it to me.

    Emmett otter jug band Christmas? Someone here as an interesting taste in music. ;)

    That's great about the car, although it still sucks that the cops couldn't do more for you. Oh, well. Such is life sometimes...

  13. Wow.. great photos, Michelle! Particularly the first one. Sully's right about ice storms.. fleeting but incredibly beautiful. I'm glad you were able to secure your own name for a blog url. :)

  14. Hilary: Thanks! Yes, the cattails are beautiful. I don't know why they stuck around for the winter.

  15. We got a bit of the ice here -then rain -then snow -or who knows, maybe there was ice again after the rain, then the snow. All I know for sure it the roads were pretty treacherous. Today, the roads are fine although I had issues getting my car out of its parking space this morning and also, some problems walking across the parking lot at church because of lots and lots of icy patches there! (I had to use the four-wheel drive to get my car out of my parking spot at home.) I liked your bit about writing things like a blog entry that continues from day to day. Might give that a try myself sometime. Back to the ice storms though -meant to mention too that the pictures were very pretty that you posted. I'm just glad we didn't get any more of the ice than we did receive as a couple years back, most of the entire county here got socked in with power outages from a huge ice storm. My late aunt and her disabled daughter were without power for almost three days which was really horrible for her to deal with. Where I live we were luckier in that it only socked us without electricity for the better part of a day.

  16. Jeni: Rain, sleet, then snow in that order. Most of the snow is already melting here. It's not a good thing now because the ground is so saturated with water, and I hear more rain is coming this week. I'm just waiting for the National Weather Service warnings about overflowing rivers and creeks.

    Glad to hear that the roads aren't too bad over where you live. Same thing here. The plow trucks were out in force all through the storm. The snow barely got the chance to cover the roads.

  17. thx hon...

    called a lawyer, she sez there's enough circumstantial evidence to get a conviction, so was told to sue the property owners, who in turn can sue the snow plow op, for damages and costs... now to check what my lease sez about that

    $6000 outta pocket is a BIG owie! :(


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