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I did a terrible thing recently. I did something forbidden by all people. Taboo.

I weighed myself.

I know. Bad Michelle. I am not supposed to do such a blasphemous thing until at least four months after the holiday season. I was supposed to weight, er, wait when the time was emotionally right for me to handle the scary news.

I did not wait. It was a spur-of-the-moment type thing. I was sitting on the couch, eating a heaping plate of cheese and broccoli casserole along with barbequed pork ribs, when I suddenly had the urge to weigh myself before grabbing a bowl of bread pudding. I pulled out the scale, remembering the last time I weighed myself at a birthday party when I had gone into the guest’s bathroom and stood on their scale.

Yes, I weighed myself at someone else’s home. It was sitting there beside the toilet and my eyes kept glancing down when I got up to wash my hands. It is a common practice. Ask any woman about it.

Anyway, I had weighed myself back in May, nearly crying in the sink when I saw how heavy I was. And I believe I weighed myself on one other occasion (August or October) to see that nothing had changed. I figured it would read the same weight this time.

It was not.

21lb difference.

21 POUNDS! That is 1.7 stones by British measurement (a stone equals 14lbs.)

I could not believe my eyes. Yet I had to believe. I thought back to the two, pint-size containers of Breyer’s strawberry ice cream I had downed. I remembered the fried chicken that I loved to pull off the skin so I could save it for later as I ate the meat first.

The turkey. The ham. The mac ‘n cheese. The green beans. The rice and gravy. The dinner rolls. The croissants. The meatballs. The burritos. The spaghetti. The sausage. The gnocchi. The meatloaf(yum!) The mash potatoes. The cheese and spinach stuffed shells. The candy. Chocolate coins. Snickers bars. Hershey Bars. Tootsie Rolls. Reeces peanut butter cups.

I lost 21 pounds over the holidays without dieting. How could something like this happen to me?! Oh why, cruel fates, do you tease me so . . .

Wait. I lost 21 pounds over the holidays? I should be happy about this. I should be celebrating.


If you haven’t already heard, Travis Erwin from One rung, One Word a Day is going through a trying time. While his family is fine, unfortunately his house caught on fire and burned down. Several bloggers have started a fund-raiser to help the family as they are asking everyone for a mere donation of $25 dollars. Also, on his blog, Travis has made a list of several items he needs, such as children’s books for his kids. If you can help out in any way, please do so. I realize these hard economic times has affected everyone. If you cannot financially do anything for him, then please send your well wishes and prayers his way.


  1. Ah, I would need a balance like that! I do not dare to step on mine until I a few weeks from now and it will have to be in the morning before I have my breakfast and when I am heavily dehydrated.;))
    The last is an unfortunate and very sad story.

  2. OMG! you LOST 21 pounds! ....see, when I was a personal trainer, I used to tell people "eat! for god's sake EAT" so, that's what you did...laughing, I love it!

    By the way -how'd you get that cute twitter thing on your blog!

    I love your writing.

  3. PS -and yes, I've weighed at other people's houses -- *oh heavy heavy sigh* ...

  4. Wow ... 21 lbs. And over the holidays? That's like ... unheard of. I bow in your general direction ... oh weight loss queen!! :)

    21 lbs. ... that's 84 sticks of butter. You just took 84 sticks of butter off your body! Wowee!!

    I wasn't going to walk today but ... maybe I should get my behind out there.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Small Footprints

  5. Good for you! I don't even own a scale so I know what you mean about weighing yourself in other people's bathrooms.

  6. We are snowed in and definitely feeling the winter blues, so this was a fun read! Funny, I blogged about weight this morning, too, but mine was the excessive gaining kind during pregnancy.

    Now go eat!

  7. Hi, I arrived on your blog through Suldog's blog. Could not ignore his warm comments. Have you ever thought of writing a dietbook? It might be a great succes ;-)
    Loved your story. Just got an email from a very frustrated friend who gained 700 grammes (I don't know how much that is in pounds or what have you. I'm Dutch.) just by eating a bowl of spaghetti with meatballs. I will direct her to your blog. Maybe it helps.

  8. That's more of a miracle than the virgin birth - that's incredible! Congrats!

  9. Tell us how you did it!!!! Congrats, skinny minny. :)

  10. you are not the only one
    I got 16p or 8 kilos if you like...and I was on a

  11. Protege: Yes, it is a sad story, but we can all have hope everything will work out for Travis. Don't get too dehydrated. That will only cause more problems.

    Kathryn: Here is the link for the twitter,

    Ha! This proves I'm not weird when I said that I weighed myself at other people's houses.

    Small footprints: Mmm...butter. No wait! You are tempting me! :)

    Expat: Thanks!

    Jennifer: Congratulations on the baby news! Eat!

    Caroline: I'll look up the measurements for grammes. Thanks for stopping by!

    Aerin: Thanks!

    Angie: Portion control and lote of unnecessary stress. It works wonders.

    An o Ta: Sorry, I don't know how to spell out your screen name, so I just used first initials. Congrats on your own dieting endeavor.

    *For all my readers, I'll be taking some time off from blogging this week, but I will still have prescheduled posts. Please continue to comment, and when I get back I will answer everyone's questions.

  12. Boy, reading about your friend Travis and the fire sure brought back a lot of memories to me of the night my house caught on fire too! I was lucky in that it only destroyed my son's bedroom and did a lot of damage to the two other bedrooms upstairs too but no one was hurt, the animals were all safe and sound too and thank goodness for insurance! (It's also how I learned my son was smoking too -not that it stopped him -or me though.)
    Now -how in blazes did you manage to lose any weight -eating all the yummy stuff you mentioned -and to lose 21 pounds to boot, I am in awe! My fat cells long ago decided my body was an extremely comfy home for them so they wired all their friends and family to come move in too! You know how difficult it can be to evict bad tenants don't you? Well, I have a bunch of 'em living in my old fat self!

  13. You don't look like you have 21 pounds to spare.

    Thanks for linking to Travis too. :)

  14. Jeni: My parents' house caught on fire too, when I was a baby. Old wiring. There was only a little damage in the attic. It also almost caught on fire when I was sixteen, when the woodstove's legs fell off. Lots of smoke.

    Really, it was just portion control on how I lost the weight (and stress - must never forget the stress). I used a small plate to eal my meals and I only filled it up with food to where I felt comfortable at eating. I skipped going back for seconds. As an evening snack, I would eat a croissant (or a small dinner roll) so the bread would fill me up instead of eating too many bags of potato chips.

    Hilary: I am pear-shaped. I have a smallish top (although a certain place at top did grow - and I am not complaining at all about that!), and a TOO BIG bottom, especially at the thigh area. Well, it used to be big. I'm happy at the results. I used to wear a 12 in jeans. I'm way down from that now.

    Laughingwolf: I don't know what happened to to the post. It never appeared in my inbox. : , (

  15. YOU LOST 21 POUNDS??? OVER THE HOLIDAYS???? Now how is that FAIR?????

    And then you had to go and list just about every one of my favorite foods in your post!!!

    Anyway ... congratulations Michelle on the great accomplishment!



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