Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow tornado

Is there such a thing? Or would it be more like a dust devil? Or a snow devil? Hm. Snow Devil. That would be a great title for a story.

Anyway, I want to talk about this weird storm we had recently. Huh? Yanno, I really like that Snow Devil title. It does not have to be about snow or devils. Maybe it could be a metaphor for a really good suspense story.

Er, what was I going to talk about? Oh right. The storm we had last Wednesday. It was really a great title, um, I mean a really weird storm. It started as rain and then changed into freezing rain, sleet, HEAVY SNOW, and then wind.

As the wind blew off my scarf, I held the blade point downward with the drops of red creating a trail from the abandoned car. The authorities would not find the body until the blizzard ended. They might even believe the accident caused the wound. No. The blood sprayed throughout the vehicle told of a different tale.

And this wind was powerful. It rumbled and rattled all the windows. You simply could not ignore the sound.

Her voice sounded through the emptiness, calling my shaking footsteps forward. Cold. I was cold. Yet she urged me on. She said I had the strength to trudge on through the deepening snow.

And I thought the walls were going to collapse in. Seriously, I jumped up and raced to the window and saw the strangest sight.

She stood there. My beautiful Ann stood a few feet away, her arms stretching out, her lips whispering for me to hold her close. I raced forward. My Ann was alive again. Stephanie’s death had brought Ann back to life. I shouted, “I’m coming, Ann. Momma is coming.”

I stared outside and saw that the snow had stopped falling. Yet there was this column of loose snowflakes picked up off the ground by the wind. It looked like a large column that rotated counterclockwise moving past the window and headed into the neighbor’s yard.

The snowflakes blinded me as I stumbled forward. Then my feet walked over nothingness. Down, so far down, I rolled along the steep slope in an uncontrollable counterclockwise tumble. I wished it would rewind my watch. I wished my fall would rewind time so I could have been more careful on where I had placed my unknowing feet.

The column kept going, moving past the neighbor’s garage and into the trees behind the building until it was out of sight. The sound faded. I never saw anything like it.

Something was causing a lump under the fabric of my jeans. Bone. I had broken my leg when my body slammed onto the rocky ground from the short drop-off. I wanted to curse my bad luck, yet I had a bigger problem as my fingers scraped at the ground for the knife that rested two inches out of my reach. The roar sounded again as the large shape pushed up to stand on back limbs. Its muzzle opened wide. Teeth looked sharper than my poor little blade. Yet we would find out which being had the more deadly edge as I grabbed the knife just when the bear charged forward to maul me.

Anyway, that was all I wanted to talk about. The storm. Sorry if I bored you with my little tale.


  1. That was an excellent suspense story, Michelle. You could NEVER be boring. Are you getting a piece of this storm that's been in all the news lately? Brenda (One Kentucky Writer) and her daughter (Bizzyville) met the Snow Devil. We're supposed to get some rain tonight but I don't think it's going to be cold enough to do anything. In the south? Maybe I better find some wood to knock on!

  2. Thought that was great the way you wove the truth with the fiction. Hope the weather is being kinder now...

  3. Give me our hurricane twins any day over a blizzard. At least they have a shot at predicting the hurricanes.

  4. I wan to tell you that I read your other post with my Irishman and he too thinks you are very talented.
    I think I will return with him once again to re-read this post.;)
    By the way, I gave you an award; it is ready to be picked up at my place, hope you will accept it.;))

  5. Sandra: They were predicting it was headed this way. Then the weather people said it wasn't going to hit us. Who knows what is going to happen anymore.

    Jinksy: This was a fun experiment for me. I never tried interweaving a story like this before and using real elements to further the plot in each section. It's something I'll try again.

    Oren: True about the hurricanes. You have a better idea on how bad they will be. With snow, you never know how much of the white stuff will fall.

    Protege: Glad both of you liked it, and thank you for the award!

  6. Wow - cold and scary!
    (I'm mad at Blogger right now. It's not updating your posts in my sidebar.)

  7. Angie: Yeah, I saw the Blogger problem yesterday when the post didn't appear in Google Reader. It has happened before. It usually starts on Sunday and lasts until Wednesday.

    Oh! I have some poetry contest links I need to email to you. I just remembered.

  8. neat juxtapositioning, michelle :D

  9. Boring? I think not.

    I love your tales.

    And I see you already figured out I tagged you for a meme, even though I hadn't yet found time to stop by here and tell you in person.

    I'll look forward to your photo-inspired story whenever you have the time for it.

  10. Laughingwolf: Welcome! :-)

    Legalmist: Yep, I subscribed to your posts in my reader. That's how I found out.


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