Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kids WrestleMania

I could have been a contender.

Sundays when I was a kid was dedicated to eating Fruit Loops in my pajamas and watching wrestling on television. The whole religion and church thing never really flew with my parents, since they believed the ultimate god was green and rested inside a wallet or a bank account.

My brother and I sat two feet away from the television with our eyes glued to the glowing screen. We watched men in tights slam into the hard mat while pummeling other men in tights for no other purpose but because they could and they would get paid for it. Oh, and I believed they got some type of gaudy-looking belt that they would use to hit the loser over the head as the crowd cheered.

I can only remember a few wrestlers’ names from that time: Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and Randy Savage. I can see the faces of others yet cannot remember their names. (Blond twins who thought they were the most beautiful men in the world?) I remember the cage fights, the back slams into tables, and the sneaky managers who would conveniently distract the referees while their wrestling clients did illegal moves on their competition.

The one thing I will never forget was that I practiced many of those moves on my older brother.

I could have been a contender.


  1. Too cute, Michelle. I love that determined little girl laugh. You've scarcely changed a bit. ;)

  2. One upon a time I was a total wrestling freak so this post made me smile.

  3. Depends who you wrestle these days, after all that practise - and how well?

  4. Is it you on the pictures? Looks like the kids are having tons of fun. Reminds me of games me and my sister played together.;))
    It is always fun to reminiscence abut ones childhood and the things that were traditions to do or to watch or to eat on the weekends.;)
    Hope your weekend was good.;))

  5. You've provided yet another flashback to my childhood. Before WWF or WWE, or whatever they clal it now. Every Saturday night my best friend and I watched wrestling on TV, without fail.

    His father took us to see it in person once. Being 10 years old, we were enthralled. Of course, we were too young to realize that no one could lose that much blood and still be alive, let alone wrestle.

    Ahh, the innocence of youth.

  6. Used to watch all that "wrastlin'" too. LOVE the photos!

  7. Hilary: I've changed on the outside. I tried to keep a little of the girl on the inside.

    Travis: I'm always eager to create grins!

    Jinksy: Yes, I'm still looking for my perfect wrestling partner...

    Protege: Yes, that's me. One of the few pictures of me during my childhood.

    Chris: No. My brother is five years older than me. He tossed me about with impunity.

    Buckskins Rules: I have no idea what they call wrestling now. But I used to watch both WWE and the WWF back-to-back for 2 hours straight on Sundays. Mornings were a blast! I never went to a real wrestling match. Always knew they were fake, but a tiny part always wished they weren't.

    Angie: Thanks! I'm glad I could find those two pics and post them.

  8. You are just TOO cute for words in the pics, Michelle! Those pics were my favorite bits in this post.

  9. The Valiant Brothers, perhaps? Handsome Jimmy and Luscious Johnny? Two of my faves; hilarious act.

    I was a wrestling junkie for many years. My Dad and I used to watch it every Saturday. He taught me the "secrets" early on, so I always knew the score. We rooted for the bad guys and laughed a lot. I sure do miss the opportunity to sit down with him and enjoy that stuff.

  10. Buck: Thanks! :-)

    Suldog: Maybe they are the Valiant Brothers. All I remember is that they were evil twins at first, then they turned good, and then one was good and the other bad... or something.

    Wonderful memories, MLGF. I wish I could relive a few also.

  11. You were a tough little! (Love the pictures!)

  12. Laughingwolf: They didn't have my favorite color in tights. ;D

  13. ahhhhh that'd do it for me, too ;) lol


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