Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pink Skivvies and Lime Green Jell-O

What is so wrong with that? Sometimes you just gotta strip down and do something crazy to release the tension.

Just relax. Float in the wiggly goodness, let your thoughts drift, and take a break from all the stress. Some people relax in a soothing bath. Some people relax in front of the television.
Some people curl up in their favorite chair with a good book.

However you do it, take a moment for yourself. Find your vat of peaceful jell-o and let the tension release from your mind before your brain turns into jell-o from all the stress.

Note: My interview is up over at Aerin's "In search of Giants" blog if you are interested.


  1. I don't know what to comment on first - the image you drew or the image you described? LOL. Anyway, the sentiments are good.

  2. I think it's time you backed away from all the fruit juice, missy. :)

  3. Eric: Why? Do you think I showed too much geen jello?

    Angie: My brain has blown a fuse somewhere this past week. Way too much juice drinking. :)

  4. Love the drawing, it is simple yet expressive.;) Did you make it?
    Yes, I will follow your advice and relax, very soon, as my workday is almost over.;)

  5. I am, indeed, interested in your interview, so will head right over there. However, I can't leave without noting that the top half of your bathing suit appears to be under an amazing amount of stress. I don't think the laws of physics will allow such suspension for any significant length of time. You should probably keep a spare suit handy, and send me photos when the inevitable happens.

  6. michelle, no bout adoubt it, y've gone round da bend dis time :O lol

    keep it up! ;)

  7. Protege: Yes, I do all my own drawings here. Hope you have a very relaxing time.

    Suldog: Photos? Oh darn! Forgot the old camera at home. Well, them's are the breaks...

    Laughingwolf: My braincells are on the mental meltdown. Who knows where this spiral of madness will lead?

    Should be entertaining! ;-)

  8. We all have our green-jello day and place. Outside and with our kids is mine. No better place on earth.

  9. Oren: A great place to be. Enjoy yourself!

  10. I've always been a pudding man myself, but I'll have to give your jello idea a try.

  11. LOL Too funny! I love green Jello. Thanks for making me smile.

    Lynnette Labelle

  12. Hey! "fisticuffs" is one of my fave words, too! Must be the hockey thing... ;-)

  13. Dang and my pink skivvies are dirty.

  14. I couldn't help but notice your...ummm...smiley faces.

    Not too big on the jello thing myself, I prefer to ride my horse. But I think it accomplishes the same thing.

  15. Now that sounds like a stress reliever! A very funny post. First time visitor.

    Best wishes,


  16. Congrats on The Pens reaching the conference finals.


    The Sad Bruins Fan In Boston :-(

  17. Chris: Pudding...Jello whichever makes you float.

    Lynnette: Smiles is what I'm here for...

    Buck: Too right. Heard your Red Wings won. Time to face the Black Hawks. The Bruins lost, so the Pens are facing the Hurricanes.

    I'm kinda pushing for the Black Hawks to win - if only to call the Stanely Cup game with the Pens "Battle of the Birds."

    Travis: What will that matter? Just think how funky they will be in all that melting jell-o.

    Buckskins: hehe! I think the smileys give an added effect. Yes, I would imagine the gentle rocking of a horse to be a very soothing thing.

    Skeeter: Glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Suldog: Sorry to hear about your Bruins. Truthfully, I was a little afraid if the Pens would play them. Chara seemed like a real menace. Then again, out of the 10 games the Pens played against the Canes, we only won twice. I'm still biting my nails.

  18. Relax? Okay...if you say so. Ah yes! Lime jell-o...nice. Thanks for the suggestion and the smile.

  19. Theresa: It's almost Friday. Time to unwind and relax!

  20. "I'm kinda pushing for the Black Hawks to win - if only to call the Stanely Cup game with the Pens 'Battle of the Birds.'"

    Ummm... dontcha have to get by those 'Canes, first? About which... it might be harder than ya think. I've watched those guys from Carolina through these playoffs and they're TOUGH. Just ask Jim...

  21. Buck: Just keeping the hope alive...

  22. Nice post! I'll relax... some time....


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