Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Curse you, Internet Demons!

I’ve been a little lacking in my visits to everyone’s blogs lately. I could blame it on my revision work for my manuscript, but this is only half true. Actually, I’ve been having a computer problem of epic proportions.


See, it has to be serious if it’s capitalized.

So what happens is that whenever I visit one of my favorite blogs, I’ll notice the bottom lefthand corner where it says it’s loading the page will – in fact – load the page. But then it will do it repeatedly, the words flickering in their evil madness.

. . .waiting . . . done . . . waiting . . . done . . .

Because I usually go through the AOL account, nothing will happen until I close the main page. That’s when the madness rears its ugly head.

The Internet Explorer window will pop up featuring the main page of the blog I just left. But then it keeps loading blank pages. Numerous blank pages. How many? Well, it depends on how long I was browsing the blog. If I’m there for a half-second, then maybe two blank windows appear. If I am there for one minute . . .

. . . too many appear. By my last count, 10 before I shut off the broadband modem to cut out the connection. If I don’t do this, then the system completely locks up and I end up rebooting.

This problem isn’t at my end. I left a message on the BLOGGER WALL OF DOOM(a.k.a.- the message board) and found out other people were having the same problem. I also left a message with Google Reader, which I think might actually be the instigator of this mess.

For some reason, a few of the blogs in my Reader won’t appear in full. So I have to click on the link. Then I noticed the INFINITE SPIRAL LOOP! I did a little bit more investigating, and found out everything is fine if I go through my link list on my blog.

Damn Internet Demons! Making life a little harder one day at a time.

Well, anyhow, I’ll try to be by when I can. I hope they fix this problem soon.


  1. The infinite window opening has been happening to me too, but I've been blaming A'OL! grrrrrrrr. Here's a can of cyber demon spray. Hope it works. [_]>*******

  2. Aw, sorry about that! How annoying, hope you can fix this soon.;) I have mac and I use Safari or Firefox as a browser, as explorer no longer works on this system.;)
    I hate computer problems, you have my sincere sympathies.;)

  3. jinksy: It really is a nightmare...

    Angie: Hmm... I never considered it an AOL problem. If anything, it is an Internet Explorer problem based from other people's comments on the Blogger Help board. People who use Safari and Firefox seem to be fine.

    Protege: Yeah, it's a real drag to deal with. This makes getting a mac seem an even better choice.

  4. Happens to me too, but I don't go through AOL for my connection. I've always assumed it's either a Blogger glitch or a Windows Vista glitch.

  5. Chris: I don't have Vista, so it must be Blogger. Wow. We're doing a better job at figuring this out then the Blogger Help group.

    Sad, really...

  6. Firefox, Firefox, Firefox.

    C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it!

  7. Endangered coffee: I know... I know. It's just the convenience of IE on this computer. When I get my new laptop(with wireless) I'll pick a different loader.

    *Update* So it seems that IE was upgrading from 7 to 8, causing the mess on my PC. Blogger is aware of the situation.



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