Thursday, August 27, 2009

Link Dump

Recently, Angie at “Notes From the Writing Chair” gave me an award.

As always, I am grateful for the award and the linky love, but then I started thinking . . .

I was given many awards and blog mentions since June, which I haven’t mentioned because I went on my hiatus.

So I’m rectifying the matter today by doing a big Link Dump of everyone who gave me an award and/or linked me in their posts. Also, by the terms of Angie’s award, I have to list the seven things about myself that people might find interesting.

Well, THAT should be interesting . . .

Since I don’t want anyone just reading the list without checking out the links, I’m not telling you when I’ll write it. The list could appear right after this, in the middle, or at the end. Deal with it and indulge me today. Also, check out the nice people who linked me and gave me an award. Or just leave. I don’t care.

Anyway, I received nifty awards from these nifty people within the past 3 months:

Angie Ledbetter - Gumbo Writer
Aerin - In search of Giants
Theresa - An Officer and a Garbage Can
Eric - Working My Muse

Now, I put Eric in last because it made an easier segue into the next part. He has also linked me in a few of his posts. Here are the other people who graciously gave me link love in the same manner. I’m addictive, baby! Or is that contagious? Ew . . . you might want to have a doctor check out that rash.

Desmond Jones - Running in the Yard
Expat from Hell - Expat from Hell
Jim Sullivan - Suldog
J. Timothy King - J. Timothy King's Blog

Okay, if I’ve missed anyone than I do apologize. Let me know in the comment’s section and I’ll work my editing magic to put you in this list. And speaking of lists (another cool segue), here are the seven things about me that people might find interesting:

1: Gone without food for 3 days

2: I had a pseudo-boyfriend for more than 6 years in school

3: I should have died from a near head-on collision with a semi truck

4: Had my first alcoholic beverage when I was 6-years-old

5: 11 months after I was born, I underwent major surgery and the doctors gave me a fake bellybutton

6: The first time someone groped me was in my 12th grade computer class

7: Did a traditional Native American rain dance by hopping around a dirt circle, waving locust tree leaves in my hands, and moaning like a cow in heat

There you go! There’s my list. What? Don’t stare at me like that. The rules were to make a LIST. They didn’t say anything about WRITING STORIES about these things. If you have a problem, go talk with Angie about it. I didn’t make the rules.

Later . . .


  1. Nuh-uh! No fair! You gotta tell the stories or else I'll take back my linky love!

  2. what? you need an eagle feather to make that raindance work! ;)

  3. A fake bellybutton?


    Do tell!

  4. Jinksy: Yer darn tootin' it worked, despite the weatherman taking all the credit! :-)

    laughingwolf: But... I have Native American blood in me. That should amount to something! ;-)

    Thimbelle: Yes, really. I don't have an innie or an outie. I have a fakie, and scars to prove it.

  5. Thanx fer the Linky Love, Michelle. . .

  6. Desmond: Well... despite you being an *ack-ack* Detroit sports fan, I was mighty thankful you linked me in one of your posts. So you are very welcome!

  7. Angie: Hey, I'm proud of my fakie. LOL! :-)

  8. Hi, Michelle. Thanks for the link. And that's an interesting list.

    I don't remember ever groping anyone in 12'th grade. Consensually or otherwise.

    I once accidentally groped my date in 10'th grade.


  9. Tim: Ah yes, the hand on the booby to steady yourself on rollerskates trick. Hmm... well I believe you if you say it was an accident.

  10. Laughing!! :)

    when I was little, I thought I had 2 belly buttons, my regular one and a tiny one,but it was from a surgery I had where they put a drain hole for blood and such after the surgery in my stomach -eywwwww and it had to heal eyewwww

    (and do you have a forehead butt? you left me hanging *haw!*)

  11. Michelle, congrats on the award!!! Hugs xo

  12. Kat: No forehead butt. Just a forehead bellybutton when I scrunch my face. I guess maybe I DO have at least one real bellybutton.

    Kim: Thanks! Hugs! xo


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