Friday, October 16, 2009

Fractured Fairytales: Ruby Red

She wasn’t taking it anymore.

For Ruby Red, living in the city projects wasn’t a happy skip down the trail. Murders, rapes, and gang violence plagued her neighborhood. Then the day came when the gang, “The Lupines,” broke into her relative’s house.

They ransacked the place. Yet before they could do any physical harm on her grandmother, Ruby entered through the front door with her current boyfriend, Woody Pineisco, who confronted the men.

The gang split, but not before their boss accidentally tripped on the grandmother’s sewing basket. He slammed into the wall, dislodging the antique silver axe that Ruby’s grandfather had used during his days as a lumberjack. The axe tumbled from its display pegs and lodged into the gang member’s skull, killing him instantly.

Ruby believed The Lupines would not trouble her family again. She was dead wrong.

Up through the gang hierarchy emerged a troubled soul out for revenge. The younger brother to their dead boss, he had the street name of “Big Bad” and the credo to match. Big Bad planned to let Ruby Red know just how bad a Lupine he could be. With several of his posse staking the house, he broke in while Ruby was out grocery shopping. Big Bad killed Woody Pineisco and dragged the grandmother away into the night.

When Ruby returned home, she found her dead boyfriend on the kitchen floor. Gang signs in blood covered the walls. Ruby discovered a spray-painted message on her grandmother’s nightgown.

‘Give us all the loot or Granny gets whacked!’

Ruby Red had other ideas as she held back her grief for the boyfriend she had wanted to marry. From off the wall she picked up her grandfather's axe. Then she jumped into her red Firebird and sped toward the gang’s hideout at the heart of the projects to confront The Lupines’ Big Bad boss.

“Little Red Rides into the Hood” - only this time, she plans to end the tragic story.

Coming to a fairytale near you.


  1. Little Red has definitely embraced the whole badass thing! Ride into the Hood, baby! Ride into the Hood!

  2. Nice take on an old tale. Incidentally, if you haven't seen it, you should watch Hoodwinked sometime. It's a hilarious cartoon movie revolving around this same old tale.

    Go Red Go!

  3. Catladylarew: Hey, if I was going to modernize it, I was going all the way! Lucky I didn't give her a sawed-off.

    Eric: I've heard of Hoodwinked but never seen it. Actually, the current ms I'm shopping around the industry is loosely based on "Little Red" with a modern twist. Here's hoping it gets picked up.

    Snowbrush: Thanks! I'm thinking on doing a couple of others like this. Hansel and Gretle... Jack and Jill... the possibilities are endless.

  4. Ooooh, the suspense! :)

    Have you ever read "Red Rider's Hood"?

  5. DeepBlu: No, never heard of it. Sounds right up my alley though.

  6. Damn. I want to see that movie. Heck, I want to be IN that movie. At the very least, I want to do the voice-over for the trailer.

  7. Suldog: Do the voice-over for the book web trailers, if I can ever get mine published.

  8. Very much enjoyed this modernized version. Jack & Jill and Hansel & Gretle should be a hoot too if you decide to do it. :o)

  9. R&G: I'm doing both. Jack&Jill is already posted. Hansel and Gretel are scheduled for this week. I'm trying to decide the next ones. Miss Muffet comes to mind.


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