Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Accidental Violinist - romantic suspense

Black leather felt so comforting under my fingertips. The hourglass-shaped case popped open with barely a flick across the lock. The instrument appeared fine, but the violin bow had received damage. Broken horsehair curled on the velvet lining, a reddish tint staining the strings. The blood wasn’t mine. It belonged to Harry.

The wind picked up outside the bus stand. I drew my coat in closer and snatched the note fluttering underneath the violin’s fingerboard. I had but a moment to read it before the gust of air blew the paper from my hand.

Anna, meet me at Ashmont Circle bus stop. 10p.m. - Michael

Squealing wheels approached the lighted street corner. The bus pulled up, driver grabbing the handle, the door folding open at his push. He stared at me and I shook my head. I saw the rolling grunt from his belly to his chest, making him hop once in his seat. The bus pulled away before the door even closed. My wrist flipped over and I glanced at my watch.

10:15. What’s keeping Michael?

I had fulfilled my end of the bargain. Humph! More like a blackmail deal between us: Harry for the doctored diploma. I had done my part. He lay on the mortuary floor, a scalpel in the neck, a bottle of white Chardonnay shattered on the tile floor, his cooling hand groping the two-day stiff of Tara Ronsen: Harry’s unwanted secret lover.

No, I didn’t kill Harry. I just bought the wine.
You’re probably wondering what this post is about. Well, Angie Ledbetter over at Gumbo Writer is holding a photo/book title contest until Sunday. There’s still time for you to enter to win cool prizes, if you wish. Just choose a book title in theme with one of the four photos she posted. Drop it in the comments section with the genre and your email address.

I entered with the title of this post as my entry. I wasn’t going to do anything else. I had other writing projects to work on.

But . . .

I have this, er, writing curse. It happens when people send me emails or make offhand comments on my blog. A little writing worm will burrow into my mind, and I’ll come up with a story on the spot.

The first part of this post is the beginning of a story for the title contest entry I posted.

What is the story about? Heck if I know. As with all my writing, I only know the beginning and the end. The middle is kept secret deep in my subconsciousness. Only my typing fingers know what words will appear on the wordprocessor page.

I like surprises! I have little complaints about being kept in the dark concerning the overall plot. My mind will let me know the rest . . . at the appropriate time.

(btw - the picture is just something I drew maybe 4 years ago. I needed something to go along with this post.)


  1. The story fragment is swell, but...

    I keep telling you that your artwork is fantastic and you should somehow get your stuff into the hands of somebody who can give you money for it. If I knew how to do it, I'd do it for you.

  2. Great picture and great piece of writing, too. I am intrigued!


  3. I really like the excerpt. If you're planning on continuing with it, I want to read more.

    As for the picture, I was wondering if you had done it. It's very compelling and well done.

    I know exactly how you feel when you talk about not really knowing where things will go. Even though I am trying to do some planning with NaNo, I'm still rambling around this way and that.

  4. Just curious. Does the little writing worm have a name?

  5. I had that writing curse once then chewed of the eraser of the pencil, and if i can't erase it I ain't gonna write it.

  6. I agree with Suldog about your artwork. It's wonderful.

  7. Not only do you write interesting stories that bring us back for more, now we're learning you can draw also. Well done Michelle !

  8. First off: I would like to address the recent activity of spam comments I have had to delete. No, I do not want excellent deals on my cell phone plan. I think you are laboring under the misconception, mr. celldeal guy, that this space was your own personal message board in promoting your business. It isn’t. There are courteous ways to gain customers through bloggers. Pursue them.

    As for my actual visitors to this blog, I would like to reassure you that I will NOT be turning on word verification or comment moderation just because of one [expletive deleted] spammer. So be reassured that leaving comments will remain easy and carefree to all.
    Okay, since that is taken care of, on with the responses...

    MLGF: I know you keep egging me about the artwork. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will run across it and hire me. Who knows?

    Angie: Thanks! I'm debating on making this a "free story," as in doing a serial with the entire storyline and posting it. We'll see...

    Eric: I probably will continue it. I never really throw away any type of writing bit. I'll just let it stew for awhile.

    Let your rambling lead you to avenues never explored. You never know how it might effect the story. Something good might come of it.

    Bruce: Hmm... no, I never thought of naming the worm. It might start talking to me, and I'm too afraid of what demands it might make. My mind will sometimes come up with some crazy ideas.

    Plainbob: Well, that's one way to get a daily allowance of... huh? What are erasers made of? HUGS!

    Judith: Thanks! i'm thinking of making a slideshow of my artwork. I did it once before but took it off. When I get a free moment, I might set it up.

    Ruth & Glen: Yes, back before writing I used to sketch... a lot. Mostly during my teenage and young adult years. On occasion I still pick up a sketch pencil when the mood strikes me.

  9. Like the picture and the story; you are an artist in words and pictures.;)

  10. What Suldog said, what Angie said!

    I love that beginning - love love love it - the opening of the case - all those sensory details - wonderful wonderful!

  11. Kat: Thanks! I think I'm improving with my opening paragraphs.


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