Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blogger Idol Showdown

I’m still taking the holidays off until January. Yet I want everyone to know that, starting every Sunday from Jan. 3, I will be part of a rip-off American Idol competition hosted by the humorist Knucklehead.

What is the “Blogger Idol Competition?” Well, it is where 10 bloggers make special posts centering on the following topics:

Round 1: Satire on a Current Event

Round 2: Childhood Anecdote

Round 3: Parody

Round 4: Observational Humor

Round 5: In the Style of Dr. Seuss

The Finale: Author’s Choice

During each round, readers are encouraged to visit the competitors’ sites and cast their votes (on Knucklehead’s blog) for their best choice. Those contestants with the lowest votes will be voted off the island... er... eliminated.

I doubt I’ll make it past the first round.

Anyway, this is just a heads up about things come January. Hopefully, I’ll see everyone then.


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. You doubt you'll make it past the first round? That's mighty self-effacing for someone with as much talent - and as many interesting stories - as you have. You're not planning on tanking it, are you? Is the fix in? Will there be a 'Blogger Idol' betting scandal?

    Looking forward to seeing your entry in the first round!

  3. Sounds like it will be fun. I've followed those kinds of writing competitions before (on Absolute Write) but never knew any of the writers. Nor was I a member so I couldn't vote anyway. Now I can be part of the action! ;)

  4. What an idea! It's just bound to hit prime time. Well, maybe not...

  5. Sock it to them, Michelle.
    Great fun ~ Eddie

  6. What a great idea... can't wait to read the entries! I know yours will be great!

  7. Nisa: It's going to be interesting...

    Suldog(MDGF): Shhh... the bookies have 1 in 30 odds...

    Hilary: I've never heard of them until now. And I'm a part of it. Get ready to be disappointed. I'm a horrible singer ;-)

    Snowbrush: Hey, there are worse shows out there!

    Eddie: I'm blowing the competition away. Where's my bubble wand?

    Catladylarew: Make sure to visit ever contestant's piece and vote fairly...

    *psst- so how much cat food do I have to send to assure your vote? ;-)*


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