Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sneak peek

This is simply a small message concerning a special post I will be making tomorrow. I decided to show a random chapter from my current manuscript, which I have playfully dubbed, the Big “M.”

(I’m sure a few new people are wondering what the “M” stands for. It stands for many things: memories, misgivings, missteps, melodrama, memoir. What’s important to know is that it stands for “me.” A project about me.)

Anyway, be advised that I am posting the entire chapter unlike where I only posted a piece before. It’s long. So Thursday’s post will remain up until Monday to allow everyone the leisure to read it at their own pace. Also, when I say this chapter was picked by random, I do mean random. In fact, someone else who I have allowed to read my work-in-progress picked the chapter for me.

They picked. They had the decision. It didn’t matter how embarrassing, or funny, or strange, or emotionally traumatic the chapter might be. I told them to pick. They told me which one. And this is the one I’m posting despite whatever personal feelings I have about it.

It’s done. It’s getting posted.

In the meantime, you can catch up on reading bits and pieces I have previously posted concerning the Big M that will appear in this chapter, especially this post.

I hope everyone will stop by tomorrow for the sneak peek.


  1. I'll stop by. Should I bring a bottle of wine?

  2. Yes, bring the wine. After you read it, you'll want to get drunk as soon as possible.

  3. Looking forward to it! I'll pencil in some extra time on my calendar for reading it.


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