Saturday, February 13, 2010

Roasted? Who?

Oh, me. I was wondering why it’s so hot in here. Well, blame this guy.

Go ahead, see what I say when he interviews me. You’re in for the shock of your life (or maybe just a yawn, or a laugh, or whatever you are in the mood to do.)


  1. Interesting to find the source of the title "Surly Writer". I would have never guessed. When I was younger, and much more introverted than I am now, I was pegged as being "aloof". Not a term I, or anyone who knows me would use to describe me.

  2. Hi, Michelle...I'm still on my blogging break...but I'm sneaking over here because I did want to stop by and congratulate you on a heckuva roast!!! Really great!!! And so fun to know the origin of your blog name...and not only that, but you give terrific advice!!! Loved it all! ~Janine XO

  3. are one terrific writer. I enjoy your blog very much...and I think that you gave Eddie some great questions. He's met his match. Go girl. Congratulations on your roast!

  4. And an excellent roast it was too, Michelle!

  5. That was a good interview! are you thoroughly roasted? now really, what kind of ice cream would you be? lol.

  6. Just finished reading the roast. Good job! Thanks for mentioning me, of course. You're sweet, as usual!

  7. I like your sense of humour! Humor.
    Whatever! ;-)
    Great roast!


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