Monday, February 15, 2010

What happens to best laid plans . . .

I had planned to do some writing on the three days off that I have from work. I had also planned on visiting everyone’s blogs and catching up on those past posts I had missed during my move. All of them are sitting in my Reader, patiently waiting for my viewing eyes so I can leave comments. Then something unexpected happened.

I got a headache.

I know sometimes these things don’t seem like much. Just pop an aspirin and get on with the day. But you have to understand something peculiar about me (as if all of you don’t know how strange I am already). See, I don’t normally get headaches. I can honestly tell you that for the past ten years, I might have had four headaches.

4 headaches in 10 years...

There is no pain greater to me than having a headache. I’m not talking about a migraine, although I have experienced these as a kid. But a regular headache can send me into a quivering pile of mush.

The old adage is that a picture can speak a thousand words...

...this one can tell you how I’m feeling right now.

I’m not usually pain-sensitive. A broken toe? Who cares? I’ve walked it off. Pulled tendons in my leg running from my swollen knee down to my swollen ankle? HA! I don’t let that bother me. Ice it up and continue with my life.

A headache? Please, make the pain stop... make the pain stop... MAKE THE DAMN PAIN STOP!

There’s one other thing about these headaches that’s the most aggravating. It only truly HURTS when I have my head down, like I’m looking at my feet or at my screen as I type. Holding my face upwards and staring straight ahead doesn’t bring on the pain. This means that if I happen to drop something on the floor - like a towel - and I look down to pick it up, there will be stabbing pains throughout my head to send me to my knees in mercy. Otherwise, there’s just that bit of faint soreness as if I’m on the verge of having a headache but it could fade at any minute.

Yeah, my headaches are sneaky-ass bastards.

So I’m holding off right now in doing anything, writing included, and will try to catch up on my reading later. If I have it in me to post something new later this week, I will try. But there’s no guarantee. The last time I had a headache like this, it lasted over a week.

No. I’m not joking. Believe me; this is the last excuse I would use in not getting around to reading everyone’s blogs. Do you actually think I would post such an embarrassing photo above if I was lying about it? How often do you get these that feature ME, as I am today, versus childhood photos?

This will be the first time besides the one I use as my blog avatar.

Anyway, if you need something funny/entertaining to read, you can go through my archives or visit my blogroll/followers to visit these wonderful people or still go over to Clouds and Silvery Linings to read my roast interview there.

As for me, I’m crawling back under the covers while hoping the pain stops sometime this week. I’m up to 3 aspirins and they’ve done squat so far. Forgive any spelling/grammar errors in this post. I’ll fix them later.


  1. Sometimes the time you take off is every bit as important as the time you work. Get youself some rest. The blog world will be there when you're feeling better.

    My blog especially is not worth visiting as I'm in the midst of FTP junks. I'm one blog you can cross off your list for a bit because it's going to be a mess for a while as I switch over to Word Press.

    Feel Better!

  2. Ugh!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. . .

  3. Stopping over from Eddie Bluelights'. Nice to meet you. Great job on the interview. I'm a fan of Smitten Image too. Hilary is great.

    Hope you're feeling better. Headaches are right up there with paper cuts! Ugh.


  4. Sometimes, a wise friend told me, things like your headache may be a message from your body, saying something like, "Stop it! Get under a nice warm blanket and sleep for a coupla days, huh? Gimme a break!" and with the days you've described recently this doesn't seem impossible. I do hope you feel better soon.
    Angie at Eat Here

  5. Well, on the bright side, you'll soon be home free for the next 30 months. My poor wife gets at least one migraine a week and it sometimes lasts two days.

  6. Sorry you're feeling poorly. That sounds like a sinus headache. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Dear Miss M: Please take care of yourself! I'm doing my own "catching up rounds", sans headache.

    Thim :)

  8. Sinus headache? I have horrid sinus problems. You're probably right.

  9. Hoping you're feeling better by now...


  10. Yeah. I hate headaches, too. And I get a lot of them. (I think I just don't handle the stress of being a father very well. :-) But that's a different story.)

    Sometimes, it helps if I have a few ibuprofen and a cup of strong coffee and a nap. But then again, I think I get migraines. But then again again, I read somewhere that most headaches might be caused by the same thing. (They just feel different.)

    Haven't read your next post yet, but I hope your headache feels better.



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