Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Incline inclination

I thought to share some photos with you today. Many of you might have never seen or experienced such a thing before. But let me ask a question first.

How many of you have rode on a trolley?

I expect at least one reader raised his hand. And I believe he also had the opportunity to drive something of the like before (lucky you!) Now let me ask another question. How many of you rode on a trolley going up a hillside?


I did once. Long ago, back when I was... I think... thirteen or fourteen. My sister invited me to spend a weekend at her apartment in Pittsburgh. My mother took the hour and a half drive out there (it's a shorter drive now - back then, the state hadn't done any road expansion and we drove along crowded single lane routes until hitting the Parkway) and I spent the day sightseeing. The museum. The stores. And this place, The Monongahela Incline.

It was quite an experience, especially for someone who has a fear of heights. But I gulped down that fear and rode on up. Really, the view through the windows can make a person forget their phobias. We reached the top, stood on the observation deck to see the entire city, and rode back down. Here are the following pictures of the incline on its way back into the building.

I hope you enjoyed these photos!


  1. Cool stuff. I've been on quite a few, myself. I'm not really afraid of heights, so I enjoy these alot. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. That is about the coolest trolley ever. You know how much I love these sorts of things. Thank you for sharing them with me.

  3. We were in Pittsburgh many years ago (the Carnegie Science Center), and I remember just standing in the parking lot, looking over at that inclined trolley, for about five minutes. Very cool. . .

  4. Now that just looks like so much fun!! How cool!

  5. Hey guys and gals! Glad you liked the photos. It is an experience to ride, or even to look at - as Craig said. Only 2 bucks is the going price now, although it was cheaper during my childhood.

  6. What a nifty trolley! If you hadn't shared the pictures I would have still been wondering, How does a trolley go up an incline?

  7. Ah! This is great! Thanks for countering a few
    misconceptions I have read regarding this lately.

  8. Yes, I've ridden on trolleys, a few times anyway. The motor companies actively worked to get rid of them, did you know? So sad. Here in Eugene, you can still see trolley tracks in the pavement in places.

  9. i've been on trolleys and trolleys on hills (san francisco) but that trolley is really pretty nifty looking. i like how it's built skewed to lean into the hill and keep people straight. thanks for sharing this!


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