Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saint Patty's Day Rhyme

Green eggs and beer.
Green beer and eggs.
We had them both by the kegs.
We gulped them down by the shore,
and when we ran out,
we asked for more.

The parade for Saint Patrick's Day,
our city held it last Saturday.
And although all the time it did so rain,
nobody dressed in clothes that were plain.

Green boas and hats and clover painted on cheeks,
nowhere in the city was the celebration bleak.
After the parade, the boozers headed for a place dry,
They walked across the bridge and railroad ties.

Straight into the building where I did work
into the bars at the sound of popping wine corks.
All the restaurants welcomed the soggy beggars.
On this one day, they served "Keggers and Eggers."

A beer and egg breakfast in the morning at ten.
The revelers believed they reached their true zen.
The police came out in force to watch the drinkers,
and by noon the booze left no more straight thinkers.

One coworker found his shoes puked on,
while I avoided a waltzing fellow during a song.
But the most drunk fellows had an industrious knack,
of fashioning themselves a beer "backpack."

They poured the liquor into the waterproof lining,
and drank it through a tube while seeking fine dining.
Hidden from the police officers' watchful eyes,
they could drink out in public without the lawmen's harsh cries.

After my shift, I headed out into the rain,
wanting to get home on the T - light rail train.
On board I was accosted by a man
who held a most interesting plan.

For a trade he wanted my umbrella in exchange for money,
so he could give it to his wet, drunk honey.
Since I had a coat on I shrugged and said, "Why not?"
And handed it over right there on the spot.

They disembarked and said, "thank you," at a wave,
while I headed toward the store called, Shur Save.
With the ten spot I bought pizza and chocolate milk,
since I had a craving for the ilk.

I went home to wonder about that Saturday,
wondering about the people on Saint Patrick's Day.
Green eggs and beer, green beer and eggs,
how many DID they have by the kegs?

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

(This was a true story.
The rhyme was inspired by Dr Seuss's
"Green Eggs and Ham")


  1. I know this is a true story because you told me the tale in straight prose a day ago! Great job on converting it to rhyme!


    Ah, my Irish friend, top 'o the morn'in to yah. I had to make a post about it, in honor of your Irish roots, and the fact it was so freaking weird a story. Glad you can verify the fact it really happened, or at least I told it to you previously.

  3. Wow. Not only is that a really interesting story, I am so impressed by your ability to turn it into rhyme. That's something I've never really been good at. Nice job, Michelle.

  4. You are such a great writer, Michelle.
    Continue on, my friend....please.

  5. Oh, Michelle!!! This is soooo clever!!! Loved the Green Eggs and Ham twist for Saint Paddy's...green...so apropos. And so very funny!!! Loved it!!! ~Janine XO

  6. Wonderful rhyming, this is how I can laugh at the fools who drink themselves sick and wander the streets here before, during and after the parade .. it was worse this year because it was a nice sunny day yesterday so the drunken fools ended up here in pedestrian mall Times Sq has become ...

  7. Dear Big City Writer Friend,
    Keep pouring it out (no pun intended, really, and anyway, it's not a pun unless it refers to a keg of the green brew, is it?). Whether prose or poetry, humor or sheer straight honesty, your voice is reliably truthful. I love you for it.
    Love, love,
    Angie at Eat Here

  8. Ah, what a clever lass you are Michelle. :o)

    That beer backpack sounds like an awesome invention! LOL


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