Monday, May 17, 2010

Wipe Your Feet

Right there, on the welcome mat.

Kinky fibers and kind words written before the door, it sat.

But do please be careful of dear old Pat.

She does love to curl there in the sunshine, the lazy cat!

Go clean your shoes off of this and that.
Leave behind the dirt and muck.

Outside, do keep there your worries and bad luck.

Those clinging troubles wrapped around you as, from your vitality, it will suck.

Leaving sadness and anger while you scream at the world, “Who gives a fuck?!?”
Brush away such negativity and welcome in the peace.

Our warmth and hospitality will give fine release.

And from your brow we will erase that furrowed crease.

With a slice of pie, a cup of tea, and a fine chat, I promise all your worries shall cease.
Welcome! Welcome into my humble abode!

Pull up a chair and rest your weary load.

You walked a long and arduous road.

A humorous laugh at my stories, from you, I will goad.
All that I ask is for you to wipe your feet.

Sometimes, a person has to just write something cheery and not dwell upon the stress and their problems...


  1. So nice to leave one's troubles outside the door....come in, sit down with a good friend...and..just be oneself.
    There is enough 'junk' outside....thank you for reminding me to not bring it inside with me.
    Thoughtful and very meaningful...and what I needed to read today.

  2. A beautiful piece as always! Leaving your troubles outside. You're good to be able to clear your mind like that.

  3. Very cute poem! We should all leave our troubles outside.

  4. I remember being a kid and wondering why people got grumpy if I just walked into their house, even though they had a "welcome" mat. I was six or so, so they usually let it drop.

    I still think they should make mats that say "Chances are you'll be welcomed in if you knock and are not trying to sell anything and don't look dangerous. Your chances are even better if you're someone known by the people who live here. Don't just walk in though, that's frowned upon, and considered rude."

    That'd be more of a carpet than a mat though, I suppose...

  5. you know i'd love to welcome you either across my threshold or bring some nice treats to your door and share them at your table. welcome indeed.

  6. Yup .. wipe all the not so good stuff off and come on in ...

  7. One of my favorite cartoons - Andy Capp, as I recall - had a character shopping for a doormat and asking the salesman if he had one that said "Buzz Off".

  8. "Sometimes, a person has to just write something cheery and not dwell upon the stress and their problems..."

    This cannot be practiced enough.

  9. Great post, Michelle. Prose has never been something I could do very well, so I really admire anyone who can. Nice job.

  10. LOVED this!!! What a wonderful way to envision a welcome mat...a place to wipe all the worries of the day away...I think your image is absolutely unforgettable...and I will be thinking about it for the rest of the day!!!! Love you, Janine XO

  11. Poetry AND prose...just the touch of whimsical versatility we all (clearly) needed today. Thanks, Michelle.
    Love, love!


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