Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Things We Perceive

Interesting how a person can look at something and perceive it in their own special way different from anybody else's in the world. I suppose that's why police officers ask for eyewitness accounts from as many people as they can during the scene of an accident or a crime. We all perceive the world in our own way.

Why am I talking about this? Mainly because I need a new post up for my blog. Yeah, I know. All of you will be around for as long as I need you to be despite posting nothing new, ready to eagerly come and read whatever I toss up. I need to take as much time as I need to get my life settled in with the new baby. And so on and so forth....

But I felt the need  to post something. I'm not saying it's worthy enough to post. But it's just something that came to mind recently.

I was feeding my dear Overlord (Jaquline is one month old today. Many birthday wishes! And MLGF has a birthday today too. Go give him big kisses and any instruments you play for a fun birthday jam session over at his place).

Anyway I was feeding dear Overlord while staring at this.

And this blog post came to mind concerning perceptions. What one person sees could be totally different than what another person will see. YOU might see a stuffed animal with a plastic bag on its head in front of a plant. Do you want to know what I saw before taking this photo...

A cat in a chef's hat

A cat wearing a bonnet

A cooking cat wearing a hair net like those lunch ladies in school cafeterias

A cat with a brain-sucking alien host parasite. These parasites plan to control all felines so as to create growling, spitting, clawing war minions around the world to enslave humanity with their cute purring.
These are the things I perceive. Perhaps you see something different. Perhaps, for you, that small writerly voice in your head has tainted your mind's eye to leap into flights of fancy while helping you to create interesting stories from those things you see in your everyday life...

Or perhaps you just see a stuffed animal with a plastic bag on its head.


  1. I see kind of a hybrid between a lamb and a panda. A Pandalamb!

  2. I'm trying not to think about cats right now. I hope, for sure, that one is the quiet type.

  3. Cats would make effective (and frightening) alien minions! Happy one month day to your little one! Hang in there. It always took me forever to get back into writing and stuff after having a baby.

  4. In the world of internet/mobile user experience development, we have a mantra of usability which, loosely stated is, Know your user, for you are not him. Which, in a twisted way, sort of lines up with your perception theme.

    More importantly, happy one month day to The Mistress of Time, Space and Dimension (and Jimi LaRue, too!). And thanks for realizing we'll take whatever The Surly Writer is serving up, old or new, leftovers or unexplored planets. My perception? I see dogs where other people see cats, and I see a better cyber-blog-twitterspace when you're in it.

  5. You know - you'd think being a novelist I'd see something "interesting" but I saw a cat with a bag over it's head *LAUGHING!*

  6. I cannot tell you the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture... Cause if I did, I'd let the cat out of the bag. o.0


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