Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thursday, 02/02/2012

My Human Minions!

Do Not Worship The Groundhog!!

This is I, Overlord Jaq, with a simple command to the humans under my reign. Do not worship this strange large rodent tomorrow. There are much worthier causes for you to celebrate. For tomorrow will be the 1-year anniversary of my arrival here on your planet, as my mommy calls it, "My First Birthday."

I do not understand this thing called "Groundhog's Day" that you wish to celebrate on My First Birthday. What does the ground hog have to offer you? A foretelling of the weather? Pshaw! How can this giant rodent tell you of the coming weather with more accuracy than what your human weather forecasters tell you? Has the rodent taken meteorology classes? Has it graduated with a degree? This "supposed" mystical creature has the power to tell you whether Spring is coming early, which --last time I checked -- Spring is an unmovable seasonal event of the Earth.  

 Never worship something you can't slather in barbecue sauce. That is my decree. Just look at the thing. I'm waaaayyy cuter.

So I ask of you. Instead of donning on your groundhog headgear, take up your arms and follow my rule of this world. I shall not disappoint you with strange weather forecasts or chew on your furniture like the large "mystical" rodent. At least, I won't chew on it much before mommy stops me. I'm still getting all my baby teeth in.


  1. It's odd. . . but I have this odd feeling that I've read this post before. . . many times. . .

  2. And Happy Birthday to the Overlord!

    Many happy returns of the day. . .


  3. Groundhog Day must have been a favorite movie of yours, I'm guessing :)

    Thank you for Birthday wishes. I already ordered the cake: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

  4. Not really a favorite; just an easy joke to grab for. . .


    Jen's and my wedding cake was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! (Word to the wise. . . pulling carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting out of the freezer to eat on the first anniversary. . . not a good idea. . .)

  5. OK, this is just plain weird. MY WIFE and I also had a carrot cake wedding cake. And we were married on February 29th, so we ate our anniversary cake FOUR years later. It was... interesting.

    Happy Birthday to The Overlord! I absolutely promise not to worship any rodents!

  6. It seems like everybody loves carrot cake. I'm hoping Jaq will eat a bit. She's not very interested in cake, but she loves carrots -- so I figured... and we're having cookies-n-cream ice cream.

    Thanks for the b-day wishes to the Overlord. I wrapped her present this morning: A See-n-Say. Ahh... those were fun days as a kid playing with one of those.

  7. Always wondered exactly who invented this "holiday" and why.

    Hugs for the birfday girl!

  8. Val: The Overlord thanks you for your loyalty!

    Angie: Well, since I live in PA, I know it started here. Wiki says it's a Pennsylvania German custom.

  9. I saw a groundhog once.

    On the other hand, ground hog is used to make sausage. I suppose you could slather that in BBQ sauce?

    Happy 1st to the Overlord!

  10. That's what you call a rat dog. Jaq thanks you for the b-day wishes, Skip!


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