Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Parades

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! Hope everyone is having a fine day today celebrating the 'o green. Or at least kissing someone who is Irish.

Celebrations here can be found easily. Walk into any bar and you'll find people clinking glasses and drunk before the noon hour arrives. Every year, there is a St. Patrick's Day parade. One that I've never gone to.

It's not that I don't like parades and such. I've gone to plenty over the years. But I normally prefer the local celebrations, in case of rain or mishap, since this allows me to just walk home with home nearby. 

But watching the St. Patrick's Day parade would require me to travel downtown, something I do not want to do because I don't want to have to deal with the bus schedules and any special hours they may be running due to the parade. Also, St. Patrick's Day parades here have never been "kid-friendly." And everybody knows they haven't been kid-friendly due to the mayor going on tv claiming he would make THIS YEAR'S parade more kid-friendly. Since any mayoral decision takes several years to implement, I'm definitely not taking the Overlord to the parade until there is a lot least projectile vomit among the spectators.

So we will relax in front of the tv, watch a little hockey --"Go PENS!"-- and spend a quiet St. Patrick's Day at home. Hope your day turns out great.

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Erin go braugh!


  1. Right!
    They're not called the "Fightin' Irish" because they're kid-friendly


  2. I have a friend who's Irish - as in, born and raised in Ireland, complete with the cute accent and grotesque Gaelic vowels. When he first came to America, he just looked aghast at the whole 'American St. Patrick's Day' thing - "What's with the Green Beer? Nobody in Ireland would ever drink green beer. Actually, in Ireland, we mostly go to church. . ."

  3. Eh. You're generally better off not going to a St. Patrick's parade, in any city. They're usually full of bloated politicians, watched by severely drunk folks, and your odds of being puked on are about 50/50.

    As a person of Irish descent, it is not a thing that makes me proud.


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