Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fizz, Boom

It might sound like I am about to talk about a major soft drink, but instead I am about to talk about the Carnegie Library Extravaganza that was held last Sunday that was called" Fizz, Boom -- Read Your Way Into Summer" This extravaganza was open to the public as it encouraged people of all ages to come spend the day learning and engaging in activities.
The extravaganza was separated into several tents scattered outside the Carnegie Library in Oakland (I later found out after the event that there were also activities inside the library). There was music from Radio Disney, The Obama Academy Steel Band and other musicians playing on stage. It was also an opportunity for vendors to hock their businesses although everything was free except the food from the food trucks. The Overlord even got an airbrushed temporary tattoo of a butterfly on her leg. They had everything there.

We tried to visit most of the booths, yet only made it through half on the one side of the library. The Overlord was able to plant seeds in a pot (they are starting to sprout now so we will be able to see what type of plants they are.) She was also able to build sculptures out of things found in nature, make a paper book worm, make a bookmark, paint her own cookie (thanks to Eat N' Park) and go down the massive slide above. Yes. The Overlord went down that huge thing by herself. And she climbed up it holding onto ropes. What a little trooper!

We also rode on the trolley by Molley's Trolleys. This is an actual trolley that they converted into a street vehicle. They played songs such as Mister Roger's Neighborhood, The Sound of Music and other kid-happy musicals and shows. Then we waited an hour for a balloon figure. And it was worth it. They were making spiders, octopuses (octopi?), rainbows, pirate hats and swords, and the flower bracelet that The Overlord is wearing on her wrist.

The Carnegie Library Extravaganza was a very large event with tons of people there. We listened to storybook readings and took home a free storybook. I can't think of a better event to go to when supporting the local library and getting kids interested in books. I can't wait to go again with The Overlord next year.

The only downside was the rain. It rained about two minutes after we arrived, stopped for about half an hour and then poured again for a few minutes. After that last shower, it was sunny for the rest of the time. I had the umbrella there, but must have left it on the bench somewhere. Oh well. There were holes in the top of it so I guess it was time to retire it and buy a new one.


  1. I cannot believe how much she has grown!
    Thank you so much for sharing photos of her with us!!
    What a great day for you both (in spite of the rain.) I love balloon art. It is fascinating to me to watch the person blow the balloons up and then twist them into fascinating shapes. Love your daughter's bracelet.
    Sending you hugs, my friend,

    1. Thanks, Jackie! She is big, yet still small for her size.

      As for the balloons, they kept popping because of the heat. The first bracelet popped before the woman was finished shaping it. This was her second try. Those balloons were real works of art. We still have it, taped to the bedroom door with a stem to it to make the balloon look like a flower. Hugs!

  2. That's an amazing balloon bracelet. I have to admit, I always cringe when I see people making balloon figures. I keep thinking the balloons are going to pop, yet they never do. LOL.

    Glad you had a good time. I'll be interested to see what The Overlord planted.

  3. I was cringing the entire time The Overlord wore it. I kept saying every five minutes "hold your arm up so it doesn't pop on anything!" I'm still waiting to hear the balloon explode in the middle of the night.

    I'll probably post pics of the plants if they survive.

  4. Looks like a fun time was had by all even with the rain! The balloon bracelet is so cool....my guess is that it won't pop, it will just slowly flatten out.
    I wish I had a dollar for every umbrella I've left somewhere....

    1. The balloon is still with us. The last balloon I bought for her -- a Minnie Mouse stick balloon from the supermarket -- lasted for about 2 years. It finally deflated because she was swinging it around into objects. I'm hoping these balloons last that long.


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