Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bring your ghost pet to blog day!

Onward, photo seekers! Grab yon cameras and snap-snap-snap to thy heart’s content! Layith not your lazy orbs on self-portraits nor inappropriate tomfoolery. Capture that for which spurs thy imagination!

Translation: Take pictures people have not seen lately.

So I am doing my pets from long ago. I mentioned several of these animals before. And some are a few I might have forgotten but whose ghost came to haunt me so now I have to mention them or stir up their boundless wrath. Does anyone know of a good pet exorcist?

First: one of the pets I haven’t mentioned.

I cannot believe I forgot about him. My wacky sister was never satisfied with ordinary pets. Oh no! Not her - she even had a pet ferret when she got older and lived in her own apartment. Anyhow, once she heard a neighbor raised rabbits and collected their fur to spin yarn out of, she soooo begged my parents for one. Since the neighbor had a mini colony of Bugs Bunny going on in her yard, she gave one to my sister, who promptly got bored with the pet.

I don’t know if you would actually say these were pets. Normally, a person does not eat their four-legged companions. But I figured I would through in a barnyard photo of the porkers. The one in front, giving the evil eye, is the BIG MEAN BOAR! Yeah, sure, he might have looked cute. But tell that to my brother and the bite scar on the back of his knee

Here kitty-kitty-kitty. Here are photos of the few feral cats on the farm. We had ten (or sometimes more) stalking little mice that tried to get into the grain for the livestock. They were my babies. My little pretties. My minions raised to cause mass hysteria in the world by their deathly purr and cute furry faces. Mwa-ha-ha!

Okay. Pet day is over. It’s time to break out the ghostly pooper-scooper. Have a good day, and I will blog you later.


  1. That first cat looked like a little pretties, indeed! I'm not really a cat person, I want my pet to worship me. :)

    The rabbit hair would have made sweet scarves and gloves. I've heard of people owning that type of rabbit, and doing just that. No rabbits were harmed in the making of...

    Boars, good lord. My brother-in-law and brother shoot those off their land. The in-law even had a boar's head mounted over his fireplace. *shudder*

  2. I never understood the male need to nail a dead animals head to the wall. Ew!

    It was actually cool when the neighbor showed us how to take the shaved rabbit fur and pull it between two brushes. She even had those old-fashioned spindles to draw the yarn out.

    There was another cat picture, but I forget that with the Picasa account they only allow you to post four at one time.

    We also had other pets which I didn't have any pictures to show you. A chickadee, and two dogs. A border collie named Petey and an Alaskan malamute named Zeus. Then, of course, the numerous cows and chickens.

  3. You had some great dog breeds! Lots of animals, my daughter would be in hog heaven. Pun intended. :)

  4. That first cat has about the biggest scariest mouth I've ever seen on a cat. I like cats, a lot, but that one looks like he could bite a small dog's head off :-)

  5. Sandra,

    Yes, they were great dogs...although...Zeus had a bad temperament when it involved the little piglets. I won't go into the gory details. Then one day he was gone. My mom claimed that our neighbors(which she despised)had poisoned his dog food. The story always seemed a little fishy to me.

    Oh! I forgot! We also had fish. Tetra and goldfish. Two small aquariums and a mega one.


    Funny you should mention biting. Our other dog, Petey, was attacked by the cats when he first came to the farm. About six of the furry feline felons surrounded Petey as he barked and slathered. Then...they pounced! After that incident, he always shared his dog food with them...not once did any of them get sick.


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