Sunday, July 27, 2008

If only he did not get arrested . . .

Sigh. Well, I did say back on Thursday that I would be doing a post about my tattoo. Here it is, but you might want to close your eyes. Bare skin is involved, and it is at a very provocative place. In case you are not into seeing so much nudity (especially on a Sunday), I am sure there is a blog somewhere featuring happy bunnies frolicking in a field of cloverleaves. Go ahead. I will not feel bad if you leave.

Oh, you’re still here. Remember, I did warn you . . .

Naughty, huh? I cannot believe I bared that much leg. At least I was wearing clean underwear. If you are wondering what the tattoo is, it is a colorful Chinese dragon. Well, it was supposed to be a colorful dragon. But the tattoo artist had a little mishap before finishing it.

The mishap? Well, from what I heard it was "possession with intent to sell." I think he had bought all of it for his own use. Sure, why not? A person could smoke 10 gallon-size bags of "wacky tobaccy" in a day.

Couldn’t he?


  1. Hey, what I'd like know, who was holding the camera? :)

    Ever thought about finishing the Chinese dragon?

  2. thx for the kind words, michelle :)

    hope the tat works out for you....

  3. Sandra,

    I was holding the camera...and I had to take about 7 shots to get these good ones. Ow! My back.

    I thought about getting the tat finished, but who has the time? And the ink is starting to fade in places. Maybe one day I'll wake up and it will be gone...

    Laughing Wolf,

    You're welcome! But I'm not holding my fingers crossed for my tat.

  4. So, the question begs to be asked: What were YOU on when you decided to get it?

    It looks nice, of course, so I'm not denigrating your selection. It just seems to me - from my very brief time "knowing" you - that getting a tat is out of character.

  5. Suldog,

    When I got the tattoo, I was being a rebel. No one else in my family had one and I wanted to distinguish myself as my own person. Also, I was into sketching pictures at that time in my life...and several I gave to this tattoo artist so he could feature them in his shop as available tats to customers. One thing led to another and there I was, gritting teeth and curling my toes painfully during the process.

  6. Who wants to see frolicking bunnies anyway? Your tatoo is much more interesting!

  7. Well, Brenda, you never know? I like to give people some variety. I know my topics can be a little disturbing. I'm all for offering different reading options.


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