Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rehashing the past

No story again this Thursday.


Hey, who threw that tomato at me? Come on, people. I just opened my dark closet wide and rattled the bones with four stalker stories from my past, AND A MEME, AND A MEANER-MEANER CONTEST! I have got some major recovery to do.


You know what? If you keep throwing rotten food at me, I will delete this blog. How would you like that? NO MORE STORIES FROM ME!

*scattered cheers and applause*

Ha-ha. You people are FUN-NY. Okay then. I will keep this blog but instead I’ll write about the weird dreams I have every night.

*screams of horror*

Yeah, I knew THAT would put everyone in their places. All right, let me get to the meat and potatoes of this post.

I am doing a link post concerning some past stories I wrote. See, there was a time back when I started this blog that all I did was work on it. I was not visiting anyone else’s website. I would log on and write stories of my past and a few fiction pieces. I am a very introverted person (some of you already know this) and it took me awhile to start visiting other sites - about two months after my start date. Then it took another month of finding my courage to post comments at these other places to let them know I was alive and blogging. So I have a lot of past material in the archives that no one knows about. In my sidebar, I have created links to these stories under the heading "Thursday’s Therapeutic Tales." Yet I also wanted to give a breakdown of my favorites with a brief description.

The Armoire, Parts 1 & 2: This was my very first freestyle short fiction post. It is about a mourning woman who discovers letters concerning credit card fraud committed by her own recently deceased mother. Unfortunately, it seems that someone else was caught up in the scam, and he wants to be paid back for his lost money - by any means possible.

No Additives Allowed, Parts 1 & 2: Wow, this one! Well, I used to live next to some crazy new neighbors and their copycat style of home improvement. I wrote a fiction story about it.

Gone Fishing: A somber tale concerning unsupervised kids and the perils of fishing without permission at a neighbor’s pond. Nonfiction.

Be Me: Simply put, this talks about how racism is a two-way street. Based on a true story. The only fiction parts are the ones with the kids Nat and Tara. I do not have any children. A very long post - I did not break it up into 2 parts. Sorry.

Land of the Prompts: I wrote a wee little story in this post, so you will have to scroll down to the italic part. It is about a serial headless chicken reaper - don’t let this fool you. You will find a brief chuckle now and then clawing up your throat along with the scream.

Shot in the daylight: Um . . . well, if you were around during my Stalker series, then you might have noticed I had mentioned about being almost shot with a BB gun on my way to work one morning. Here is that story.

Out of Sight - Out of Mind: Just a humorous post about the detached pigment in my eyes.

The Continuing Saga of a Mad Woman’s Journal - A Pox & Pressurized Polish: You might have already read about my bruised toes in the one story. The other is the first in this ongoing series concerning my appointment with the doctor. A Pox was when I had the chickenpox/shingles. The ailments are true. The other parts in these stories are false - at least that is what I am going to say to a judge if some bonehead relies on my writing as medical advice.

Counting Time: Another post about one of my health ailments - the mysterious one that no doctor has figured out yet. No, I am not a hypochondriac. *splat* STOP THROWING THE DAMN TOMATOES!

Lotto Blues: A very short post. It talks about how playing the lottery can become an addiction. Nonfiction.

Well, these are some of my favorite stories. Yet there are many others that I have not mentioned or even put in my sidebar. Tales about ski mishaps, parent abuse, a near-death experience while driving, wedding disasters involving fried chicken fed into ATMs and broken car windshields by members of the wedding party. Gosh! There are just so many. Feel free to explore, or leave a comment for me if there is a particular subject you are interested in reading. If I haven’t already written about it, I could probably come up with a story right there on the spot.

Adieu, good people. Adieu until a later post.


  1. Hey Michelle, I wonder how I missed your post, "The Mystery Continues"...(very interesting post! btw)I know I visited you that day and there wasn't a new post. Check your meter and let me know if I'm going crazy. The same thing happened with one of Lisa's post. I didn't see it. Maybe it was when Blogger was having a fit. And if you notice, the Blogger List is not working today.

    I will definitely check out the stories that I haven't read yet on your sidebar! There are a few that I don't recognize! Thanks for the good reading! :)

  2. I'm definitely having problems. The blogroll wasn't working yesterday either. As for the missed post on Sunday, I noticed the title didn't appear on your blogroll that day. Sigh. This is really driving me (more?) crazy! I have had problems with blogger from the very beginning. Almost makes me want to quit right now.

    Of course I won't. If I don't get these stories out of my head I'll just go (more?) mad. Better to share the insanity with others so I don't feel so lonely. Sorry. Misery does love company.

  3. I think everyone that has the new blog roll on their sidebar has been having problems with it. I'm going to hang on to mine for a little while longer, maybe Blogger will work out the kinks soon.

    Wanted to let you know that I love that you put links on this post. I've read several of your stories that you posted long before I found your blog... and Michelle, good stuff! Really good stuff. You can write! Of course I knew that already by your recent stories. "Be Me" was very good, dispute you not thinking it was. And even though you don't have children, you wrote like you did.

    And if misery loves company, then pull up a chair, and I'll cut you a piece of homemade upside down peach cake that just came out of the oven, and a nice cold glass of milk. :)

  4. You are such a peach, Sandra!

  5. Nice list! I should read your Lotto Blues! I actually bought a lottery ticket tonight (with real money. usually I buy ticket with change I find on the street. its actually rather entertaining. and I've kept the receipts since starting this. that pile is a bit depressing now!) but I did it because I so dread going to work monday! eh. won't help. doom is advancing hour by hour....

  6. Keep the hope alive, Chris. Keep the hope alive.

    As for the list, I tried to be very open with my topics. Try to write something for everybody.


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