Sunday, September 14, 2008


I thought you might like to know about how this blog got started. I realize that my blogoversary is not until November. Yet I figured I wouldgo ahead and tell you why I picked "The Surly Writer" as the name for my blog.

I suppose a few readers here think of it as a paradox. It is a contradiction of saying one thing and the truth being completely opposite. Um . . . this is not entirely the case. It is a bit of an inside joke. It is a sick disturbing inside joke - against me. The name is satirical in its origins, and my daily reminder about those things I may and may not be. Confusing? Let me clear it up for everyone.

The truth is that I had another name for this blog. THE CHURLISH WRITER. I was out of my mind to pick that one. Churlish? If you are not familiar with the word, it is an adjective meaning "rude, mean-spirited, and surly." Deluded in my thinking, I believed "churlish" was a much nicer term than "surly." Yes, there is really no difference between the two. Like I said up above, I started this blog in November. With the holidays fast approaching, my mind must have been in a fog.

Anyway, as for the inside joke, I get a lot of flack in my daily life for being pegged a mean and uncaring person by other people. Attempts to change their way of thinking have failed. So the only option left is to write about the tense emotional discomfort in a humorous light. Hence this is the origin of the name and the reason for this blog.

THE SURLY WRITER: Surly - as what people believe of me. Writer - as what I believe I am.

(If you want to know about the pictures, the statue is just something I found which I looked cool because it appears surly. As for the spiny cactus, the tree branch, and the sea creature, I just used those photos to make a point. Hee-hee, get it? They all have points or look pointed. Hee-yeah, I made a corny joke. Fits write in with the humor of my blog. Hee-hee, get it? Write-right? Whatever.)


  1. I'm glad I know, and I don't think you're mean at all! Though I struggle with the same thing in life. People who don't know me well tend to think I'm a brat (or, ya know, that other word), so I've been told.

  2. mm [mean michelle] strikes again :O lol


    someone said people can get to us only if we give them permission, so don't give it out!

  3. As you know, corny is just fine by me.

    (Speaking of inside jokes: Have our "photos" mated yet? Hee hee.)

  4. I just used those photos to make a point. Hee-hee, get it?

    I DO get it! Kinda like my head, too. "Pointed," and all that.

    I hope your 'net connection gets fixed soon, Michelle. Withdrawal is an UGLY thing.

  5. Okay, now that I know you're alive I can comment...;)

  6. Natalie: Thanks! From what I've read on your blog, I can't see how anyone could call you that. Shame on them!

    Laughingwolf: I try not to give permission, but sometimes just sneezing can get people in an uproar...and I even covered my mouth and said, "Excuse me."

    Suldog: Corny? Would that be by the ear or creamed?

    Yes, the pictures met and boy did they hit it off with each other. I hear they're living on a flat in North Dakota with 12 kids and 5 dogs. Go figure! ;)

    Buck: Withdrawal is bad, especially since I use the net to promote my writing and connect with agents and publishers so I can get my manuscript in book form. I have no idea what I'm going to do without it...

    Sandra: Yes, I am alive...

  7. Publishing an anniversary-like post before the year is up.. now that'searly! See? I do puns too! ;)

  8. Hilary: I like celebrating things early. This way people will forget and then celebrate again on the real day of the anniversary. More presents for me!


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