Monday, September 15, 2008

Broadband service is busted!

Hello, everyone!

The Broadband modem went out on Friday afternoon, which is why I haven't answered anyone messages. As soon as the new modem and cable arrives, I will be back. All my posts are prescheduled to appear - a good thing - so you will still see a post on Thursday. Hopefully I'll be back online by then.



  1. Yes, this is Michelle. I figured a few people might be scratching their heads saying, "If her broadband is down, then how did she make a post today?" Well, I'm using the old dial-up service, and because I live in a remote area (for now), it takes forever for a web page to load. Several times it has crapped out on me and I can't even log into blogger right now. So be patient until my return.

  2. today's monday, and this post just got here

    hope you're back, quickslike ;) lol

  3. You must have it pretty bad to be using the old dial-up service! lol
    I was never so glad to get rid of that!

    We're waiting, patiently. :)

  4. laughingwolf: You didn't get it until today? I guess maybe our time zones are different. As you can see I'm back...for a little while.

    Sandra: Waiting is over...kinda.

  5. i'm on atlantic time, just an hour ahead of eastern....


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