Thursday, September 18, 2008

Evil Unbound!


I told you I would do this after going through the immense torture with the "My Life - The Movie Meme." My meme is the meme to end all memes! My questions will knock you to your knees at the senseless horror and madness inflicted! My meme will . . .

Okay, enough with the boasting and exclamation points. Let’s get to the good part - the questions. Hold on. One more evil laughter line.


I have named my meme, The End of the World! Everyone already knows the basic rules.

1: Give credit to the person who tagged you. Lots of credit. In fact, just slap my name all over your blog. Or, if you prefer, just give me complete access to your account. Yes, this includes your bank account.

2: Tag fifty new people to participate, because I want my madness to affect everyone including small third world countries.

Now here is the third rule. The ultimate rule. The fantabulous rule that is going to send you to your knees weeping.

3: If you had one thing to do before the end of the world, what would it be and why?

Is that it? Heck no! There is way more to my insanity.

You have three things at your disposal, and you must use all of them to complete the task.

A man.
A woman.
An inanimate object of your choice.

And here is your final rule. Go ahead, curse my name and pound fists on the ground. Nothing can save you now.

4: You cannot touch anyone else while completing your task. You task must also be humanitarian in nature, which means no harming others!

Now I have come to the best part where I tag the suckers, er, unfortunate people who MUST participate. None of you can back out of this because I will be an unquiet nuisance in the comments section of everyone’s posts from now until eternity. HAHA, MWHAHA, HAHAHA!

Hey, the lights flickered in the house. I hope the thunderstorm outside does not cut off the electri. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. ok michelle, ye be afeareded! :O lol

    ponderful sh... i mean, stuff there

    should i choose to accept... argleghhh...............

  2. Ha! I've done well in my terrorizing. :)


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