Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pathetic Dead Bloated Thing

What the sam he** am I supposed to do with this?

I have a dead bloated thing lurking on the Internet, taking space and rotting in its uselessness. Every time I log on I am reminded of it. I see it staring back at me saying, "We had such fun during the three months we were together. What went wrong?"

You, my sniveling wretched friend, ruined things. I could not keep up with your fast pace and daily wants. I have a life too!

For those few people who are reading this and scratching their heads wondering if the brain-eating parasite finally got past all my dead cells and actually got into the good stuff, I am ranting about my second blog.

Second blog?

Yes, I have a second blog. No . . . let me rephrase that. I HAD a second blog. "Such a Sight to Read!" It is now defunct and I am trying to figure out what to do with it. The original purpose of this blog was to allow a few people to give honest critiques of my writing, namely my query and synopsis of the manuscript that I am (still) searching for a publisher to take on. The blog never really worked out for me, maybe because I found such a pretty backgrounds and new ideas for "The Surly Writer" and started to revamp this place. I kinda forgot about the other site. A month ago I officially closed shop for my second blog.

Now what am I supposed to do with it?

I still have possession of the URL. All I did was basically print out a couple of posts I wanted to keep then deleted it clean. Don’t bother typing the address in - which is the title - because I turned it private so no one can enter. Now I just need to figure out what to do.

Delete the blog? - But it has such a pretty name. I do not want to give up the URL because, with our ever growing blogosphere, it is no longer easy coming up with unique names that are not currently in use. The fact that the title is the URL is a rare luxury nowadays.

Post stories? - But that is why I have The Surly Writer.

Post longer stories? - I think there is a law about killing people with immense boredom. Also, they do not equip jail facilities with Broadband.

Showcase blog authors whose books are in print? Have photos of the cover art and allow a brief excerpt and a "About the Author" to draw attention to them while hoping that you will be published and link your book cover on the page someday? This way you can bring people together and do some good for the writing community? - I debated that. But I am a no-name hack writer who has very VERY low self-esteem. So my own fingers aren’t crossed that I will ever become published. And why would real authors want to be associated with a hack writer? It is much better to just lurk on their blogs hoping one day to post a comment which they will ignore.

Post naked poetry? - Naked poetry? You mean, I use a felt marker to write poems on various parts of my nude body and take photos which I will upload to the blog? Hmm, that is not a bad idea. I used to write a lot of poetry in highschool, with encouragement from all my English teachers who said I should take creative writing classes to hone my "gift" - whatever that meant. Unfortunately, felt marker takes so long to wear off no matter how much a person scrubs at it. Also, with my dark skin, it might be hard to read the words . . . if anyone would be really reading the words.

Put poetry on yellow post-it notes then stick the paper on your nude body? - That is a better idea, but not doable. I have no one who can take my photos. Sorry.

Let it be an open forum? Toss out a question or an idea and let people debate with each other to open lines of communication and a greater understanding of society? - Are you crazy?! I can’t imagine all the work I would have to do just moderating the comments on the forum. I am all for free speech, but there are some nasty people out in the world who feel it is their business to browbeat others just for the sheer enjoyment. Look at all the harsh commentary on an AOL news page. Bad idea!

What then? I do not know. If anyone else has any suggestions, throw them at me - even the curve balls. Be creative.


  1. Keep the url and wait for someone to ask you to buy it:)

  2. It's a good thing you kept the blog, Michelle, even if you went private. As you noted: urls are hard to come by these days.

    I have NO idea what you should do with the blog. Perhaps your muse will tell you in an unguarded moment.

  3. As you well know Michelle, I have two blogs also. And I have no idea what I'm doing on either! lol I had thought of using one to post photography and the other to post needlepoint but since I'm the world's slowest stitcher that's not going to work. So I'm having fun(?) going back and forth, back and forth...

    You could use the other blog for personal real life stories, like a journal maybe? After all you do write and very well I might add! :D

  4. Natalie: An online blog auction? Hmm... I'm not sure Paypal does jellybean transactions, which is probably how much the other blog is worth.

    Buck: Arrgh! I'm still having problems with your blog. For some reason the sidebar won't appear and I can't post comments. I hope it's all right that I email you.

    My muse? I can't get that woman to shut up half the time. I gagged her and stuck the wordy vixen in my closet. Maybe I'll bribe her freedom for an answer.

    Sandra: A journal? I'm not sure I could make daily entries. But maybe now and then I could place something in there. But do I keep it private, or let the whole world see?

  5. You'd be surprised what people would pay for the name they want. Lots of people squat on website and blog names just to sell them.

  6. Natalie: Really? I didn't know that - I thought you were joking. So, ebay is a very good possibility.

  7. Gotta tell you - as soon as you got to the parts about poetry on your naked body, I forgot everything else you said.

    No, I know what you're feeling. I had a second blog that I was serious about - "Bah! Humbug", it was called - but I just let it die. So far as I know, it's still out there, somewhere, just waiting to be resurrected again.

  8. dunno fur shur, michelle... ever try a collaborative blog?

    pick some folk who will contribute, daily, weekly, or something?

  9. Keep it private at first and then make it public? Depends on what you write and how much you'd want to share...I've noticed a lot of bloggers and I mean A LOT use their blogs as personal journals or journeys, or maybe that's the same thing?

  10. Suldog: Yeah, I kinda figured you would linger at the naked poetry thing.

    Bah! Humbug? Was it a ranting blog, because I like it when you rant. Anything in the archives that would make good reading?

    Laughingwolf: That was what the second blog was supposed to be - collaborative. I tried to get other people to partake, but it just never went anywhere and I found myself straying away from making posts to it.

    Sandra: I can't imagine anyone would want to read about my personal journey. Pretty boring.

    Michelle wakes up.
    Michelle does stuff during the day.
    Michelle reminds herself to eat something so she doesn't starve.
    Michelle works on her writing.
    Michelle goes to sleep.
    Repeats the above list for the rest of her life.

    Yawn, I almost put myself to sleep. Of course I could make it into stories of yesterday while growing up... things I would not necessarily post here. But I enjoy having people read my stuff that I'm not sure I could keep it private. A downside to this would be that I like being honest, so there might be things from my childhood that would really freak people out...

  11. MLH - You could start with this and then look around over there...


    Sometimes rants, yes.

  12. Actually, here's the very first post. I've found it's usually best to start at the beginning...


  13. ok... dint know :(

    i guess it's like getting a commitment... participants must WANT to do it, equally

  14. Suldog: Thanky for the linky. I'll definitely start my reading list today.

    Laughingwolf:) It's all right. Although it was a good suggestion, you didn't know all the cruel fates that forced me to close up shop for the other blog. And you're right. A person has to want to do it to do it.

  15. Suldog: Wow! I stopped by your second place. You were a man on a rant, er, mission. I wished I was blogging during that time. I could have come up with a few, this isn't the right time of year for this crap, objections.


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