Sunday, September 28, 2008

Picture This!

I don’t know why I’m doing this. Maybe it is because I just feel like showing off a little artwork today. If I ever figure out how to do one of those picture spreads in the sidebar that Sandra has for her photos over at Aimer, then I’ll make a few of those.

I took down my little slideshow on the sidebar. Boy, was that annoying! It had to do with the fact that if I just wanted any picture in my blog, like a flower photo, it would automatically be transferred into the picture album for my sketches. The only way for them to not go into that album was to upload the photo into a different album, mainly the one that has my avatar (feather.) It was becoming too much of a hassle.

Yes, all of my pictures are in black-and-white. I suck when it comes to color. My sketches won’t have the depth I desire and just look like a first-graders splotch art. Hand me a charcoal stick, a black Bic pen, a tissue, and an eraser. Let me create art for your eyes. Or just give me the pen and I will create art for the mind with my words.

Most of these pictures you haven’t seen before. All of them are from my own imagination except the last one. I copied that from an itty-bitty picture from a fantasy novel I read back when I was a kid. So I will give credit where credit is due. The novel is . . . uh I think it’s from the Dragonlance Saga. Oh well. I don’t remember. But I still gave credit.

This is post 99. My 100th post celebration will be on Wednesday. Please make sure to stop by. I have a little surprise for all my blog readers.


  1. All of your art is beautiful.. drawn or written.

  2. Lovely, thanks for sharing! I've always liked black and white myself. If I color, it's colored pencils. I'm terrible with paints.

  3. Hilary: Thank you kindly!

    Natalie: I'm in the same boat when it comes to paint. It's like a first-grade art class when the canvas is in front of me. Scary! Just give me a pencil and I am happy.

  4. Oh wow you are so talented! I love the swan!

  5. Wow! They are all so great!!! Great job!

  6. Michelle, I do envy you, you can write and you can draw, two things I so wished I could do.

    But I can "do" a picture spread for you! Tell me which pics of your fantastic artwork you want in it and I'll send the collage to you so that you can display it in your sidebar.

  7. Interesting how many writers also have artistic talent.

    Lovely drawings.

    I'll be sure to stop by Wed.

  8. m... you are at least a double threat, word and graphic! :D

  9. Hey, you're pretty good! With your double talents, have you ever considered trying to crack the kiddie book market?

  10. Fancypants: Thanks!

    Sandra: Gosh, you're chock full of talent with the photography. Believe me, there are times when I envy other people because of this.

    Josephine: I've noticed the same thing, talent-wise. I'm sure there must be someone out there who can sing, dance, write, draw, and play the violin...with their toes. Now that's something to wow about.

    laughingwolf: MWAHAHAHAHA! Fear me! Bow to me!

    Suldog: Kiddie book market? No, I never considered it and the reason is because of my comment above to laughingwolf.

  11. Wow, Michelle. You are one TALENTED lady! I'm much impressed...

  12. Michelle, you are full of surprises...I LOVE these!

  13. Brenda: When it comes to surprises, one does what one can. Glad you liked them!


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