Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soapbox Speech

I am about to talk politics.

For those people who stuck around and didn’t run for the nearest exit while screaming in terror, I’m not talking about politics selectively. This is not going to become a debate between those people who are seeking the presidency in November.

Okay, for those people who are still sticking around as the other readers grumble and storm out the door while waving their political affiliation flags, what I wanted to discuss is this - political posts.

I have blog readers who are both on the left and on the right, meaning Democrats and Republicans. I think I might even have a Libertarian lurking. I have visited everyone’s blog who has expressed their political viewpoints of the candidates and their opposition. And I have something major to tell all of you.


Normally, I have nothing to say on politics. When leaving a comment on someone’s post, I will tell them this is a topic I don’t talk about but that I am still interested in your blog and your point of view. What has come to impress me the most is the open debate I have found. Sure, now and then there will be a person (usually posting anonymously or under a fake name) who has to ruin the party. In their comments, they snub others over their opinion then scamper away while thinking they got the upper hand on everyone. Yet, in reality, most of these comments will not dampen the spirit of intellectual dialogue and lively discussion.

I have witnessed the meeting of the minds who may or may not agree with the certain agendas that the politicians are preaching.

I have seen back-and-forth statistics, academic achievements, fears of failure and hopes of success in the delegates.

I have noticed all sides striving for one goal: the improvement of society and the desire to achieve a peaceful and prosperous nation.

And isn’t this what real politics are about?

Thank you!

*This service has been brought to you by the voters of "Elect Michelle as Empress of the Earth."

I am Michelle Hickman, and I approve this World Domination message.


  1. Ya got my vote!

    I'm just noticing your beautiful sketches. I love your depictions of nature, but the teddy bear on the car captured my imagination. You're very talented. :)

  2. Hilary: One vote already. Yay! I knew politics were my cup of poison...er, tea.

    Thanks about my sketches! The teddy bear one is actually a depiction of a plot element in my finished manuscript. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I will one day get it published.

  3. i vote for michelle h! :)

    come to book roasts and skewer the editors/agents! ;) lol

    can't agree more re. politics, it SHOULD be about what's best for all concerned, esp the folks at or near the bottom who have so little, and even that is taken away far too often :(

  4. Laughingwolf: Whoo-hoo! I'm up to two votes. I like being me today! ;)

    I've been stopping by book roast. I see EA is up today. I'm just trying to think up a good thought bubble for the dog in the tutu.

    So true about politics should help the less fortunate first. so true...

  5. KUDOS to Michelle as Empress of the Earth!

    I believe you're wiser than your years. That's exactly what real politics is all about!

    Or...electing you! lol

  6. Sandra: Hey, I can't do any worse then all the others. But I would try my darndest! :)

  7. Well, I'll add MY vote, assuming I can be assured of a prominent place in your administration... politics being what it IS, ya know.

    I'm thinking something along the lines of "Chief Administrator for Equality and Fairness Towards Sex Workers." Or some such. That was just a knee-jerk, off the top of my head (the little one), reaction. I'm certain I can come up with something better, given the time and inclination.

  8. Buck: Of course you can be a part of my staff, although I never heard of that administration. Why do I have the feeling that it will involve daily pat-downs along with truck deliveries of booze and bikini tops?

  9. methinks that's a CAT inna tutu, but then, whadda i know? :P lol

  10. Well, noe I really want a photo of you naked! Nothing turns me on like tolerance, baby! ;-)

  11. Laughingwolf: You're right. I was still thinking about EE's dog name question and superimposed the dog in the tutu for EA's post. :O

    Suldog: Believe me when I say this, "Tis better to imagine the hot body of the lady when she is wearing clothes than to discover the not-so-hot reality when she strips." ;)

  12. *Darth Vader voice*

    Michelle, I am your follower.

    lol I'm just getting the hang of this follower thing myself.

    I too cast my vote for Michelle!

    Can I be your speech writer?

    Great post on a hot topic. So far, I only talk politics on twitter, which can be viewed on my blog roll, but I'm sure once I finish my thesis I'll be writing up some political blog posts i.e.: Why McCain and Palin are just like Chuck and Di.

  13. Josephine: Oh God, please be my speech writer. I choke in front of audiences and giggle insanely. I'm sure that would drop my poll rating into a dark abyss.

    I've noticed your twitter stream is getting massive. You're up to...is it 73 followers over there now? I haven't made the leap yet because, as you can plainly see, I'm way too long-winded when typing. The minimum word length would drive me bonkers.

    Er...more bonkers.

  14. well... on line what i've seen mostly is political discussions devolve more than evolve. there's a theory that "hitler" will be mentioned after a certain number of posts.

    but sometimes it seems people do find a way to discuss. which is good. divisions are more useful to the politicians than the people.

  15. Chris: Yes, divisions are for politicians. Unity is for people.


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