Monday, September 22, 2008

When will I have my checkmate?

Yes, readers, I am still around. I am still not sure for how long. But I came to realize something when visiting my blog and doing random fixes to take my mind off my foul mood.

I am up to 97 posts.

The count should really be 95 when not counting the "Broadband busted" post last week and the "Blogger busted" post back in April. 95 posts. I came so close to reaching 100. If (more like when - but it’s a tiring guessing game on a daily basis now) I should leave, wouldn’t it feel better if I did reach 100. I might not get to my blogoversary in November, but at least I could make one accomplishment. 100 posts written. It would become my little scream of "Checkmate" to an unpredictable life.

Why not?

I will reach this goal, this victory, while sharing a few more stories with you. And perhaps more future stories are in the works if destiny should allow it.

96 posts down. 4 more to go.


  1. Keeping with the chess analogies, make sure you don't end up with a fool's mate in life.

    Looking forward to at least four more!

  2. Oh, Suldog, you and your puns.

    Hey! Where's my tank?

  3. Please Sir: I think we all need a goal, and 100 posts seems like a small thing for a lot of full-time bloggers, but I think it will be great for me to reach that benchmark.

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  4. I'm going to miss you! I hope you come back soon, hope even more that you'll find a place for yourself soon.

    Looking forward to the next four posts:)

  5. Natalie: I'm hoping not to have to leave blogger for long too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the best.

    Fnacypants design: I will! I must! :)

  6. Yep. 100 is a nice round number, not to mention a significant accomplishment... especially considering your posts are MUCH more than "What I did today..." or "In the news..." ;-)

  7. Oh Michelle...

    I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

  8. Buck: I'm glad I could entertain everyone. When I reach 100, it will be a special surprise for all my readers.

    Sandra: I know you are. Thanks!

  9. mlh: OMG! Are you shutting down the blog after 100? Going on indefinite hiatus? Have my Internet addiction posts gotten to you?

    You know I want that chess set! I had one that nice but my cats chewed up the soapstone pieces.

    Do you play chess???? I do.

  10. Josephine: I know all the pieces to the chessboard, but the moves are still beyond me. And since I don't know anyone who plays chess out where I live, then I haven't learned the basics. Yet.

    No cats to chew the marble. But my nephews and niece had broken several pieces. Thank goodness for Super Glue! :)

    I don't necessarily WANT to go on hiatus. But my personal life has hit an extreme downslide and I'm scrambling to make things tolerable. If (or when or maybe not or maybe so) I do go on hiatus, I'll make sure to credit you for my demise. Kidding! lol.

  11. talking about a checkered past? :O lol

    you'll make your 100, no probelmo!

    wanna borrow a few thou of mine? ;) lol

  12. laughingwolf: Checkered past? AHH! More puns! LOL!

    Naw, keep a few of your thousand. I'll make it just fine.

  13. punny guy... uh, wuff... me ;) lol

    if i got it, i share it :D


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