Sunday, October 19, 2008

A decision is made!

Very short post today!

I wanted to let all my readers know that I calculated everybody’s opinions on whether my blog picture should be my "au natural" or my mug with the feather. It was tough going. I had no idea Blogtopia was so huge and they had a lot to say! The tallies are done and I have reached a decision.

Then I realized something.

See, I was basing my original thought on a normal size picture. When the photo of me and the feather in the corner gets scaled down to thumbnail size like what you would see in the comments section, you can’t tell what it is sitting on my shoulder.

Worse. If you have an overactive imagination (like me), then the feather looks kinda like . . . a giant maggot baby crawling up my shirt.


So the "au natural" photo wins out. This will be my new blog photo! Hooray! Someone hand me a shoe so I can squish the other one. EWWW!


  1. Yay! Look at you:) Maggotless is always the better choice, hehe.

  2. Great choice!! It is a great picture too!! Very natural.

  3. I knew you'd see it my way. If you had gone with the feather I would have linked you as "Lightweight" just to teach you a lesson.

  4. Natalie: I so totally freaked out when I saw the little me with the feather.

    Fancypants-design: Thanks! i might as well just be the real me.

    Stephen: Lightweight? Ouch! LOL! Yes, you were right though. This is much better picture.

  5. You're a nut!

    I think it's a great pic, looks just like you.


  6. what's the big deal?

    i awreddy TOLD ye how to go! :P lol

    wymmyn! :O

  7. I'm with Sandra on both counts. The photo looks great.. and you ARE a nut! :)

  8. Sandra: The photo looks just like me? Okay . . .hee-hee!

    Laughingwolf: I knew to ask you first! ;)

    Hilary: But, where would all you people be without this nut? lol!

  9. It's a lovely photo of a lovely person. How could you possibly go wrong with it? Very nice.

  10. Suldog: Yay! You're back from your staycation. Missed your posts terribly. Thanks for the kind words!

  11. Good choice. Hardly an original comment, but it IS the way I feel! ;-)

  12. Buck: Every comment counts one my blog, whether it is original or not.

    Dang! I knew I should have been a politician!


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