Monday, October 20, 2008

Please help find missing teen!

One of the blogs I visit, Chumplet Writes, has asked for help from her readers who live in the northeast Barrie in Ontario, Canada. Author Sandra Cormier’s nephew has gone missing for the past week and the authorities are still searching for his whereabouts. If any of my readers live near this area, please keep a lookout for this boy! Of those who do not live there, please say a brief prayer for her nephew’s safe return. Thank you!

Read news story here.


  1. Good thoughts being sent up north.

  2. done and done...

    sandra is a friend, so this is more terrible than if i did not know her :(

    by now, he could be anywhere....

  3. Thanks everyone! I wanted to share the news. It helps when lots of people know so that hopefully he can be found.

  4. Thank you, Michelle, for your support in spreading the word. Even people in my own office were unaware of this story until yesterday.

    I'm still hoping and praying, too.

  5. Chumplet: The moment I heard about this I knew I had to make a post. We can reach so many people now over the Internet and hopefully someone will see this picture and remember seeing him so they can go to the authorities with the information.

    All our prayers are for his safe return!


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