Thursday, December 4, 2008

Q and A Recap

Well, Tuesday has come and gone. All I have to say is, "What's with all the writing questions?" I received more of these than any other. Incredible. Do you want to know some of the questions I was expecting but nobody asked me?

What were you like as a child?

Did anything traumatic happen to you when you were a baby? What?! You almost died?

Another question... Were you ever interested in sports?

Basketball hop-shooting in elementary school? But, Michelle, you seem like such the bookworm?

Another question... What was it like for you during the winter?

The electricity would go out for two months every year? You cooked food on a grill in the greenhouse and boiled water on the woodstove in the backroom to take baths? Wow!

Last question... Where you ever involved in anything exciting?

You mean, you were in a short educational video for a technical school to show potential students what it was like to attend classes there? Huh? Who would imagine that?

Oh well, I'm grateful for the questions I got. Perhaps another day I will do this again, and then I will be able to show some pictures...


  1. I was going to ask whether you'd ever been in an educational video for a technical school, but then I thought the question might be too personal.

  2. Laffed so hard at Stephen's comment!! Loved your baby pic. What an angel.

  3. Oh my gosh - you were an adorable baby. And still cute as a button. And Stephen's comment is hilarious!

  4. Ok these pictures are awesome! Too cute!

    And Stephen kills me.

  5. *sighs and shakes head at some of my readers*

    Stephen: Oh...Ha...Funny...

    Angie: My hair still looks like that when I wake up in the mornings.

    Hilary: Yeah, I still have those chipmunk cheeks. But I don't think I look that cute anymore, not without the help of makeup...tons of makeup.

    Ello: I'm surprised I could find these. I only have the one baby pic next to my little hospital card, and then 8-9 other photos when growing up.

  6. These pictures are great! My favorite is of you asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace. Awwww! (:

  7. Cheffie-Mom: I spent many a winter asleep there, because we had very few pieces of furniture (1 couch - 3 seater) for a household of 5 people.

    And before anybody asks, no - the floor was not soft and comfy. I just got used to sleeping like that. Back then, I could fall asleep on cement. I wasn't really picky.

  8. All I know is that picture of you snoozing on the rug is tres cute. My similarly-aged self would have found you very hard to resist.

  9. Suldog: Naw... you would have thought I was too weird, especially when I would wake up screaming and holding my butt because a piece of coal popped out the fireplace and went down my pants.

  10. I sense you need a "Frequently Answered Questions" entry in your sidebar, Michelle!

    re: the ability to sleep on cement, or anywhere in general. That was the single MOST important "skill" I learned in the military... bar none. It still serves me well, to this day.

  11. These are darling pictures, Michelle!

  12. Buck: Hmm...frequently answered questions tab. Yet if I took that route, I might as well put up a poll with various questions and have people vote for the one they want most answered.

    re: military and sleeping anywhere - true enough. I learned the habit from my father who learned this from his military days as a Sergeant in the Marines. Retired War Veteran.

  13. Brenda: One day I might put up the "bad-girl" pictures - my wrestling with my older brother and the like...

  14. now WHO would wanna know any of THAT stuff, michelle? :O lol

  15. Laughingwolf: Well...ya never know. Someone, somewhere, could wish to care.:)

  16. cute cute pictures! all bookish kids shoot hoops!

    *i used your favorite foods question!*

  17. Ok, you were definitely a VERY CUTE baby!!
    Yes, it is so strange that people never ask the things you think they will.;)
    I guess you will need to repeat that post again, to get the right questions.;)

  18. Chris: *slaps forehead* So THAT'S what your post was about. I stopped by there before checking in here and saw that you thanked me for something. I started scratching my head wondering what it was about. Haha!

    All bookish kids shoot hoops? Really? I wonder why...

    Protege: Yes, I will have to repeat this post... wait a minute!

    Was this everyone's plan? Ask the one set of questions to get Michelle thinking on why no one asked about her personal life so she would VOLUNTEER THE INFORMATION? Oh, you readers are tricky! I'm on to your little games now...


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