Thursday, January 22, 2009

When do you know that I am in a funk?

When I cannot even come up with a proper post title for a post.

I do not know what is wrong with me this week. I feel tired all day long. I am having headaches, which is a really weird thing because I do not normally get them. Seriously, I have gone for years without having a tinge of a headache. Yet, for some reason, I am having one on a daily basis. I do not think it is cabin fever. I do not mind being locked indoors as long as I have something to write on my computer and have a mug of hot tea in reach. I am not sick, physically (okay, I have already established I might be a tad sick in the head - can we move on from that topic now?) But, for some reason, I cannot concentrate on anything.

So I am having an open forum today. Talk about anything you want. Play nicely. This will be the first one I have done, so I hope something interesting happens like - oh, I dunno - a marriage proposal from some prince in a foreign country as he makes me Empress of the Universe.

Well, I will say this. My imagination is still working fine.

Whenever life has you down, and you feel that every step forward has you taking two steps back...try walking in reverse and see how far you will get ahead.


  1. Before the rants begin, I have two questions. 1: What is Facebook and its purpose? 2: How on earth do you do italics in the comments section?

  2. Hope your head gets better soon. Could it be a new allergy?

    Facebook is another social media thing which I'm afraid of because it's a big time-sucker. And I have no idea how to get italics in comments.

  3. Angie: I hope it is not an allergy. Being allergic to writing would be the ultimate heart-stopper for me. lol! ;)

  4. Uhm, do you get italics by adding to your comment? Well, obviously not, because it still looks non-italic to me. I will make this my goal in life and will let you know in due time.
    I hope you will get rid of your headache soon!
    Bye for now. I'm on a quest!

  5. OK, so it worked. Let me explain: if you want something in italics, use the HTML tags listed below. The hooky things with a letter inbetween. b stands for bold I believe and i for italics.'s the thing, use the ones listed below just in front of what you wanted in italic and close that part of with the same HTML tag, BUT with a / addes just behind the < and before the letter.
    I hope this is clear and you're headache didn't get worse.

  6. Sorry, I obviously meant added and not addes (that does not make sense) and I meant the HTML tags listed below the comment box that shows up if you want to leave a comment. I had to explain it like I did, because they disappear if you type them. Maybe it's even more clear if I type them but with a space between the characters, just to show you. Type < i >just before what you want to be italic, but without the spaces, and < / i >just after that.
    Good luck.

  7. Facebook is Okay, comments italics -

    Well dang.

    Anyway- me, too Michelle - I have been sluggish a bit lately - wanting to sleep more - maybe I'm catching up from lack of it, or it's winter's cold keeping me wanting to stay in bed (boy is that some bad grammar! eek). But, I'm not sad or SADD...

    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. I just saw someone has italics in their comments! huhn! and they explained it but ...oh wait! I just saw the HTML things below she is talking about...

    let me try: is this bolded

    now, let me see if it worked..tehee

  9. I am always very tired in January. Getting out of bed in the morning is close to impossible. It takes pretty much all the mental power I have, in order to just open my eyes when the alarm goes of. I HATE January.;) So you are not the only one.;)

    Facebook is similar to my space. I only have a profile as I got invited into it about 2 years ago. You log in and get friends and you can access other peoples places and be connected to their facebooks. One can also post anything, just like here, about one's day, upload pictures, play games, join forums and groups, etc.;)

    I think the italics is some sort of a code that some smart people know how to use.;))

    Hope you feel better soon.;))

  10. Candy had similar questions about facebook today, you might want to check it out here:

    And I hope you start feeling better soon!

  11. Michelle, I think you asked that in the comments of Angie's post recently and I muddled my way through a demonstrative answer that kept putting my words in italics without allowing me to show the code. Kudos to Carolina for logically putting spaces in the code to explain properly. At the time, I created this for you.. it can be demonstrated well enough in jpg format. ;)

  12. And I hope you feel much better soon!

  13. OHHH! I get it now. See, I tried italics before and it didn't work because I didn't have the one tag at the end. So to get this in italic I need an opening and closing html tag.

  14. Ooh, I know all about Facebook; I have a minor addiction to it. Okay, maybe not so minor, since I check it like, 15 times a day. But it's not my fault. My friends got me into it.

    Anyway, FB is a social networking site that allows you to create a profile (kind of like a blog but without, um, the writing part). You include all your interests and any random things you want, and then you stalk people from elementary school and they stalk you! Doesn't that sound fun?

    Hope your headache goes away soon. I agree with Protege; I think winter is just the time of year when everyone feels crappy in general. I've been tired and cranky all month, too.

  15. Another Facebook Addict here! Come join and we can play Scrabble online!

    Seriously, I hate to sound like a stalker (but I'm gonna do it anyway) - every time you post something I think "wow - why could she not live closer to me? We would be good friends." (I think. Unless you don't like chocolate. In which case....HOW can you not like chocolate?)

    If the online persona you create on your blog is just the result of your fantastic writing abilities, don't ever tell me....

  16. What's up? I just wrote about headaches too. I've had migraines for a while now. Sometimes I think it's the moon, the air pressure, the lack of chocolates. It's a mystery, but something is in the air cause we are on the same wave length.

  17. facebook. i haven't done it. don't want to. just sounds like one more thing... and i bet a password is needed too. i got tired of passwords about 5 passwords ago.

    *don't i sound grouchie.*

  18. I'd rather hurt anywhere than in my head. I do hope your headaches go away soon Michelle. And yes, your imagination is still working just fine. :)

  19. Okay. I'm back everyone. Thanks to everyone who helped me with my italics problem. I plan to be so annoying with it in the comments section. MUWHAHAHA!

    And thanks for the links and info about Facebook. I'm not really technologically challenged about these things, I just simply haven't had the time to join a lot of these forums and such.

    I love chocolate! So put away the torches people! As for winter, the thing about it is that I love winter! That's why I don't understand why I feel so down right now.

    Passwords? Don't get me started on those: blogger, emails, adsense, feedburner, blogpatrol, yada...yada..yada.

    Oh, I hear oscar nominations are being announced. Anyone have a favorite they would like to see win?

    *Welcome back to blogging, Sandra. Hugs!*

  20. Hope you get out of your funk soon, and sorry about those headaches. I'm used to getting at least two headaches a week(every single week) so I've learned how to work through the pain. Well, unless I have a migraine in which case nothing helps me at all.

    Oh, and for the Oscars question, I really think Kate Winslet should get best actress for The Reader. I just love her.

    Have a good day!

  21. Hey, Michelle! Just wanted to say thanks for the shout-out on your blog list! I just noticed it today. As Angie over at Gumbo Writer likes to say, "'preciate you!"

  22. What have you tried for the headaches? Aspirin or similar? Cold compresses? A warm bath?

    Oooooh. I just imagined you in a warm bath. Now I need a cold compress.

  23. Kate Winslet is a favorite actor of mine, although I never saw the movie the Reader. I'll have to put it on my "must-see" list.

    You are welcome for the blogroll shout-out. I have do some cleaning with it thought. It's getting long and I need to straighten out blogs, maybe put them in special listings.

    Just aspirin...although I normally use ibroprufren(sic) because I have asthma. You need a cold compress? Why, did YOUR WIFE smack you in the head after asking your blog readers for more nude pics? ;-)

  24. I hope you're feeling better today, Michelle. If you aren't I'd get thee to a doctor. I'd be concerned about recurring headaches, especially if you don't normally suffer from them, as you've indicated. (I'll now change voice... I don't "do" a good or convincing Mom, anyway.)

    I joined Facebook about two weeks ago and I can tell you it's a time-sink... for SURE. But fun.

  25. Not really...but life goes on...

  26. dang michelle, it bit my butt, too... :(

  27. Laughingwolf: It seems we are in the same boat, er, den! :)


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