Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can I really write about everything and nothing?

Can I? I’ve been wondering about this. I have written posts/stories about pinecones, killer chipmunks, scraps of fabric, Shakespeare, two rocks talking, invading fashion aliens, karaoke cats, mean boars, snow devils, ghost pets, werd imps, musical nights, lottery addictions, therapy sessions for writers, agents cursing out Blogger . . .

*puff-puff, takes deep breath*

. . . stalkers(current work-in-progress), apple hurling, dandelions, pranks, electric fences, bats, hockey, wedding disasters, credit card fraud, boyfriends, the human senses, wayward mail, theme music, toilet explosions, little red riding hood(my ms under consideration) . . .

*another gasp for breath - wipes sweat from forehead*

. . . bulldogs, gun shootings, marathon races, annoying neighbors, sexy avocados, ”School House Rocks!” videos, beehives, skiing accidents, rocket launchers, albino opossums, genres, imagination, fried chicken in ATMs, shingles, slaphappy children . . .

*wheezing coming from chest*

. . . fishing trips, headless chicken reapers, limericks, being color-blind, EPA arrests, contradicting proverbs, fruit, detached pigment in my eyes, wasps, sketches, car accidents, funky toenail polish, doctor’s visits, shattered windows, rural roads, magical slippers . . . etc-etc.

*leans back in seat exhausted - yet with a strange happiness*

And still I don’t believe I have told enough stories. For me to live up to my moniker as being “The Surly Writer,” I must make a weird, funny, ironic story out of everything while giving it no practical meaning whatsoever.

Why does this sound so easy for me?


  1. Michelle, you crack me up!

    Did you catch that breath yet?

  2. You have the same verbal diarrhoea bug as me, that's all my friend. x

  3. LOL to both Bella and Jinksy. You're writing is always interesting, ol Surly girl.

  4. Bella: I'm still a little winded.

    Jinksy: Yeah, sometimes I can really let it go.

    Angie: I meant to set up links, until I counted how many I would stick in there. 61 and counting. I don't think the Blogger demigods would have looked kindly on me if I did that for one post.

  5. weird! I'm hearing a Da_DING Da-DING Da-DING while reading your post!

  6. lol. have a cup of tea!

    And thanks for clearing up the gray friend thing. I wrote a comment then edited it then deleted it then was going to comment again....

    I think you'll make good book group material some day!

  7. Karaoke cats. You have me beat there, my darker gray friend.

  8. I hear ya!
    For me it's the mini-writing-rants that get out all that energy so I can go back to my current project with a clear mind.
    I must say I also LOVE reading them tho...thanks for great posts!

  9. Kathryn: I would say go see a doctor right away! Lol!

    Chris: I don't know about the book group. I'm not very social gal. As for the tea, it's my favorite brew.

    Suldog: If you want to read the karaoke post,

    Just make sure to connect the two pieces.

    Orion: Aloha, Patricia! I'll keep a'ranting so long as people keep a'reading!

  10. You left out "mating dust bunnies." Not that I'm obsessed or anything... ;-)

  11. Well done young lady. This was pretty fun reading.
    Keep hammering away.

  12. cuz it's yer passion? :O lol

    always a fun read when i visit, michelle :)

  13. Ok now I MUST go back & read your archives!!

  14. sexy avocados? I must have missed *that* in the archives!!

    Looking forward to more, whenever you are breathing again. :)

  15. I am afraid Wolfie already spoke for me. You write what you write because you must! If you were a painter you'd have canvases everywhere and be covered in paint. You have been blessed with a winsome, yet sassy muse!

  16. Buck: *obsessed* Oh no, Buck! *obsessed* I would never claim *obsessed* that you are hot for mating dust bunnies.

    Oren: As long as I have a pen to chew on, I'll keep the sledgehammer swinging.

    laughingwolf: Is it my passion or obsession? There is a very fine line there.

    Brenda: Have fun in the archives! If there's something in particular you (or anyone here - for that matter) are interested in, let me know and I will drop you the link.

    Legalmist: Oh, the sexy avocados I mentioned in a meme.


    I give due warning about that post. It also involves ferret bites, tattoos, and horny cows. Remember, I did warn you.

    Beverly: Well, that explains the reams of paper and ink smeared all over me. I'm surprised I haven't killed off my muse with massive papercuts.

  17. Because you are talented and you love to write; you probably make every experience into a story in your head, already as it is unfolding.
    It must be the same, as when I look at objects and surroundings and see not what is actually there, but shapes and colors, light and shadows and perspectives, which I want to capture on canvas.;)

  18. Protege: Your paintings are beautiful! And I believe everything has a voice of its own and should be written down. :)

  19. go with what fulfills ye, michelle ;) lol


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