Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Attack of the Doppelgangers

I would have titled the post “Attack of the Clones.” But I don’t want to get sued by George Lucas.

Recently, I signed up to Facebook. Well, people kept bugging me about it and I have been dragging my feet because I was not sure when I would have the time to do anything over there and I was worried about privacy issues. Then I received an email invitation from someone who wanted to become my friend on Facebook. Blushing furiously while amazed anyone would want to become friends with a . . . um . . . not-quite-right-on-her-rocker type gal like me, I joined up. And like any person who signs up to a new social site on the Internet, I did the one thing in exploring my interesting environment.

I searched for myself.

Admit it, everyone. The moment you got Internet access, you Googled your own name to see what would come up because you wanted to find out if those incriminating pictures of you attending that or . . .

Um, never mind what I was going to say. I searched for myself in the friends section and came up with pages of other people named Michelle Hickman. Even more disturbing was that SEVERAL OF THESE GIRLS LOOK EXACTLY LIKE ME.

I am serious. If any of you are on Facebook, do a search of my name and look at our faces without the hairstyles. They look like me - not kind of or sort of. THEY LOOK LIKE ME!

I have been cloned, massively cloned. This explains all the people who ask me if I’m so-and-so a person from so-and-so a state or country. Actually, I’ve been asked often if I were a certain woman down in the Dominican Republic.

The government has cloned me. It is a conspiracy. They have created numerous carbon copies in their efforts to . . . uh . . . well, do I really need a logical reason for this? We are talking about the government. When have they ever needed a logical reason for anything?

Wait! Maybe I am the clone? Ha-ha! No. I could not be a clone. I have watched those sci-fi movies. Whenever the clone figures out that she is the clone, the government men always try to silence her in a way that is excruciating and involves a lot of electrical current.

Huh? Why did my keyboard suddenly spark - ZZZZZZT! AIEEEEEEE!


  1. God help any clones of me - the original is bad enough! x

  2. Of course they cloned you. Can you think of anyone better to clone? I can't!

  3. Okay, except Brendan Fraser.

  4. So that explains it... it took me almost twenty minutes to get through the Michelle Hickman pages... though I didn't see anyone that I thought was you, but maybe I wasn't looking past the hairstyle.

    Now, shush about the cloning. You don't want to ruin the horrible apocolyptic ending.

  5. LOL Michelle, you are completely right.;))
    I did the search and many girls looking like you came up.;)
    Btw, I requested you as a friend.;)) I only have 4 friends, even though I have been around there for years, way before anyone knew what facebook really was.;))

  6. jinksy: Believe me; if I had a choice between me and you, I would pick a clone of you...or maybe Sean Connery.

    Aerin: Yes. Sean Connery. He is such a dreamboat!

    Merry: See, you had to dim the lights in the room, close one eye, and squint with the other. Then the other MHs look identical to me. Eerie!

    Horrible apocolyptic ending? Heck, I just don't want to get shocked again through me keyboar...zzzzt- AIEEEE!

    Protege: I already accepted your request. I think it is going to take me some time too to build up my friend list.

    What did I tell everyone! Protege agrees I've been cloned!

  7. There is only one me. One is more than enough. If there were more of you, suldog would be all for it.

  8. How creepy! You should start a convention to meet all your look alikes. :)

  9. Oren: Naw. If there are more than me, then the original would becoming boring fast. I must do something about the others... Mwhahaha!

    Nothing life threatening. I could ask them to change their names.

    Rebecca: Can you imagine a convention of me? If a package came in, it would be a fistfight free-for-all. Eerie while entertaining.

  10. LAUGHING ARSE OFF! Ah, Michelle, thank you - needed a laugh...teeheheheheh!

  11. I sorta have a clone, but it's my real life identical twin sister. :)

    PS FaceBook still scares me. And they OWN your stuff even if you leave!

  12. Kathryn: Glad to hear you laughing again! :)

    Angie: You have a clone, er, I mean twin? Way cool!

    I heard about that with Facebook, which is why I am not posting anything I wouldn't post here. Just communicating with people who aren't bloggers, and who are but just hang over there for some fun.

  13. so you are twittering and on facebook? yikes! i joined facebook. and. don't really like it....? i keep waiting to become enthralled...


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