Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crashed and Burned

It seems I completely flubbed my Sunday post. I was being rather oblique about wanting to bridge the gap between African American Fiction and Fiction on the bookstore shelves, and how this placement effects the promotion of new black authors while having wonderful published stories being passed by. Here are the two links that talk more about it.

Editor Moonrat’s, Editorial (Ass)istants

Author Carleen Brice, White readers meet Black Authors


  1. What do you mean flubbed? I found the post to very thought provoking, and quite honestly, a bit of an eye opener.

  2. No flub from here. If more people spoke their minds and did not argue and fuss, the world would be a lot better.

  3. I just didn't feel comfortable about the post. Just my personal standpoint. I didn't want people to think I might have been whining about my rejection letters and using the race issue as a cause.

  4. Michelle, for what it's worth, I didn't take it as using race as a cause. I'm sorry if any of your readers did.

    I simply found it to be yet another entry in my education about life. I hope I never stop learning.

    With that said, it is your blog, and if you felt uncomfortable with the post, then you are certainly entitled to remove it.

  5. Buckskins: I hope I can never stop teaching people a little on the knowledge I retain. Glad you liked the previous post.

  6. I don't think you flubbed it, either. Some things MUST be discussed, with as much candor as we can muster. Or afford.

    I enjoyed reading all the comments and am slightly sad you took 'em down, Michelle.


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