Friday, March 13, 2009

In Stitches

I received this in the mail last Saturday from a wonderful stitcher friend. You cannot begin to imagine how grateful I am to receive such an item. I certainly do not deserve it. I have never done anything to warrant having such a gift. And I am very much choked up about it. The fabric is not two-tone. I scanned the gift into my computer, so the gray coloring is from the shadows against the glass. The fabric on the front one is the tan coloring in the corner.

When young (12-14), I used to do cross-stitching. It was nothing as big and beautiful as this. Small little decorations for Christmas trees were about the biggest projects my limited talent could create. I worked with those kits where the manufacture gave you everything in the bag, including a diagram of where to place the thread in the fabric. I would not have known where to begin to make something like this, or have the creativity to add the finishing touches. The timing was impeccable with my birthday this past Wednesday. I now can claim I got a birthday present given from someone’s heart with no strings attached (I know there is a string of beading on there, you wise-arses).

Anyway, you might be wondering about the title I chose for this post. It has a double meaning. Of course I used the stitching reference because of the type of present this is. But I am sure everyone has heard the phrase “being in stitches,” meaning to laugh. Well, after I opened the mounds of bubble wrap and tissue paper, I laughed as I looked at the gift and then at the picture I have on my desk.

Notice anything similar between the two items? Colors? Outlines? No, this wonderful stitcher friend has never seen the picture on my desk. So this just makes the gift ten times better. The best things come from the heart. And when seeing this and hearing my laughter, I could not have agreed more.


  1. That's a lovely gift, and so nice that you received it not out of some sense of "having to give you something" but just because the person thought nice thoughts about you. Very sweet.

  2. That is so sweet! Such a nice gift and for all the right reasons. It really is very similar to the picture on your desk. Hmm, eerie!
    Big smile ;-)

  3. Think the only comment must be 'Meow... Purrrrr!' x

  4. What a beautiful gift. The best present are always the one that someone makes by hand. As they are the most personal ones.

    I recall how my mother terassured everything we made for her in school (or at home), no matter how ugly it was. We made it ourselves and that was priceless to her.
    I used to also stitch when younger and enjoyed it very much.

    This was a lovely post.

  5. Cool gift. My wife is a cat person. I do not sew or stitch, other than to close wounds or something like that, but I can swing a mean wooden or metal stirring thingee. If you ever get to Angies, I will cook a dinner that will have you moving to LA. Her DH is a great outdoor cook also.
    Happy Birthday again.

  6. Suldog: Yes, a very sweet person she is!

    Carolina: It is eerie! I just couldn't stop comparing the picture and the gift.

    Jinksy: Meow? Purr? Hee-hee!

    Protege: Thanks! The best gifts are the ones you make. :)

    Oren: Thanks for the b-day wishes.

    You know how to sew wounds closed? That's interesting. I wouldn't try it with my limited sewing skills. Hee-hee! I thought I was the only person who called those stirrers "thingees."

  7. Glad you got a nice gift, as you're a sweetie. I voted for your bloggy again!

    Oren's right, we'll cook it up right for you if you ever make it down here. :)

  8. That's an elegant and thoughtful gift, to be sure. And you're oh-so-right, Michelle... something "from the heart" is indeed a treasure!

  9. grats michelle, looks ab fab :)

  10. "I have never done anything to warrant having such a gift"

    Therein lies the true beauty of this gift. It was not given in exchange for anything you have done. I suspect, rather, that it was given for who you are.

    Those are the best gifts.

  11. Angie: Thanks! And also for the vote, although there is no hope in you-know-where that I will ever catch up to you or Suldog.

    Whenever I get the chance to visit LA, I'll bring the pot for the extra gumbo!

    Buck: I wouldn't want my gifts any other way except from the heart.

    Laughingeolf: Thanks wolfie!

    Buckskins Rules: Too true. Those are indeed the best gifts.


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