Thursday, May 7, 2009

I so screwed up this week

Yeah, my posts have gone plain loco. It’s my own fault. I usually preschedule these things so they will automatically appear. So I would normally have 1-2 weeks already planned with stories. Unfortunately, I got so involved with writing my newest manuscript that I fell behind a little.

Last Friday, I was online putting in posts. Yet I forgot to reset the date for one. This is the reason everyone saw a post on Friday and not one on Sunday.

A head-slap moment on my part and my scalp is hurting from the pulled hair. But I’m back on schedule and raring to go, although I forgot I needed a post today.


What better way to waste blog space then to have a picture day from my youth!

Yes, the picture is from X-mas past. I don’t have a lot from my childhood, so I can’t really be picky over the fact that I’m showing these in the spring. I want your attention to focus on the dress.

I hated wearing dresses and skirts.

Not now, I could slap on a skirt just to lounge in during the day. Yet back then, I wore many dresses, especially to school. My closet was filled with hand-me-down clothes from my older sister. And I suppose it was the norm of society for girls to only wear them when outside in a public place - in the 1800's. It took me years to convince my mother it was all right for a girl to wear blue jeans so she could have fun on the swings or slides or playing kick ball during school recess. By the third grade, I could pick what I wanted to wear.

Puzzle me - puzzle you. I loved the jigsaws when growing up. I was an afficionado when it came these cardboard connecting pieces. The first I completed was a two-thousand piece. Hard as hard can be. It was one of those rural country settings. The people in bonnets and bow ties sat in the park with their bright park umbrellas while enjoying a summer picnic and listening to the jazz band.

I’ve done bigger puzzles. I’ve done round puzzles. Buildings. Dragons. Clouds in the sky.

Gawd! I was such a nerd growing up.

I just slapped this one on to show you my huge bugeyed glasses and those thick braids that I could use to knock out people’s eyes. On the shirt, a dancing pig in a tutu and plaid stockings is batting at several bees flying around her. The words say, “Don’t Bug Me.”

I was even surly as a kid. Amazing!


  1. Surly.. and cute as a bug too. Still are.

    Do people truly notice others' blogging schedules? My once every 2 to 5 day posts must really be confusing. ;)

  2. I'm not sure if people truly notice, Hilary. I sure as heck notice when I lax on my blog and I just assume everybody else must too. Being anal about it, I guess. :)

  3. Cute kidlet! I like to pre-post too, when time allows. Falling behind is a good thing if it got you submerged in your writing!

    I think lots (most?) writers love puzzles of one kind or another, don't you? Figuring out where things go to complete a picture and all that. :)

  4. I did not know you were posting on special days; I have a blogger update and it will always tell me when my favorite bloggers have posted. I do not notice or count when they do.;))
    Great pictures! I love to see pictures from the past, always so much fun.;)
    You look like you and not nerdy at all. Highly intelligent would be my description.;)

  5. The only blog that I know that has a schedule is Angie. Her schedule is easy. If the day ends in Y, post. Neat pics. Most of us were nerdy.

  6. Why would someone take a picture of their kid doing a puzzle? Oh well, cute stuff, Michelle!

  7. Michelle, I think you were one of the folks that told me not to get wrapped up in worrying about when to blog. Let it come when it's ready, and your faithful readers will be hear.

    My grandparent's house has a wall with that exact wood paneling on it. Brings back fond memories of childhood.

    I started wearing glasses in 1974, so I have some rather horrifying pictures of myself in some terribly ugly glasses (the clothes were bad too, just a terrible era for fashion). Thank goodness of contact lenses, in my case.

  8. Love the photos! I'm of a mind that sez one can NEVER go wrong with pics... especially of the vintage variety.

    And... how 'bout your Pens last night? This is shaping up to be one of the best series in the playoffs, methinks. Watching both AO and Crosby get hat-tricks on Sunday was simply amazing.

  9. I dunno Michelle, but judging from the smiles on your face on the first and last picture (can't see on the one with the puzzle if you are smiling or not) I sure as heck wouldn't call you a surly child.
    Like you, I loved jigsaw puzzles as a kid. Still do enjoy them even today although I have no place to put one to put it together on and with the grandkids here, it is doubtful all the pieces would survive in the putting it together time. Although they both really like puzzles too, the ones geared to their age ranges, ya know. But even those, with the great big pieces, one never knows where one of those pieces might turn up on any given day.
    Peace, my nerdy, surly friend!

  10. You're so cute. And is that a Cabbage Patch Doll? OMGosh I remember having one of those. And that t.v. brings back memories. Thanks for the nostalgia.

  11. lol... yup!

    surly is as surly does ;)

    the hardest puzzle my sis had was round, and solid red!

    grats on the win at the book roast, michelle :)

  12. Angie: I never thought of the puzzle thing and writing. But you are right. Figuring out the plot of your story and where the scenes should fit together - exactly like a jigsaw puzzle.

    You are so cool!

    Protege: Yes. Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I picked them so it wouldn't get too much in the way of my work on the weekends. Glad you liked the pics! :)

    Oren: Hehe! Everyday ending in "Y". Hehe! I had to be the queen bee of nerds though.

    Chris: My older sister got a polaroid camera for xmas that year. So she was snap-happy.

    Buckskins: I HATED that wood paneling. God-awful ugly and it made the room look so dark, especially with that rug.

    1974? You got glasses a year before I was born. The things I learn about my readers.

    Buck: Yeah... uh huh... pics...

    Wow! This series is fired up! Game 4 is tonight and the Caps are up 2-1. The really strange thing about it is that the Pens and Caps farm teams, Baby Pens and Hershey Bears, are playing their own series at the exact same time. 2-1 game.

    Jeni: I know how it goes. Just finding a quiet place and the time to work on puzzles is the hardest thing. I used to glue them together once I got them completed and hang them on my walls, at least the larger 5000 pieces.

    Theresa: Not only did I have a Cabbage Patch Kid doll, I also had a Cabbage Patch Kid pet, a Pound Puppy, and a My little Pony,um pony. No Barbies though.

    Laughingwolf: Strange. I never had problems with solid color puzzles. I sort of tune the color out and concentrate on the shapes of the pieces.

    OMG! I won the book! This is the first I'm finding out about it. YAY!

  13. My parents still have that paneling in their family room. Great blog!

  14. My parents still have that paneling in their family room. Great blog!

  15. Chrissy: My parents also still have the paneling, although the painted it white now. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  16. Damn, you were so cute, MDGF. Not that you still aren't, of course :-)

  17. Suldog: I'm blushing. You're too sweet.

    Actually, there were four pictures I was going to post, but one of them went missing... Oh well, I suppose it was for the best. That last one might have been a bit too risque to place online. Better it stayed hidden...

  18. A cute little girl who grew up to be a lovely young woman!


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